Your RPA Journey


Your RPA Journey

From an idea to a fully functioning robotized center of excellence

Executive Summary

RPA represents a low-cost solution for process improvement. It is a relatively simple and inexpensive software-based technology, it sits on top of other applications, requires no special hardware, and works well in almost any IT environment. The immediacy of the gains can be attractive in comparison with a lengthy system overhaul or the cost of a globally sourced employee, whereby a “fully loaded” robot may equal about one-third of the cost of a globally sourced employee. RPA is particularly suitable for processes with a high human error rate, helping to avoid rework and aiding to produce 100 percent accuracy as well as other error implications like reputational or regulatory risks. For example, a process with an error rate of 10 percent done by 20 FTEs, would equal the savings of two FTEs.

RPA is an optimal solution for managing highs and lows in workloads. A process performed by robots is much easier to manage than one performed by a human. Multiple robots operating on a certain process can easily be redeployed or reassigned depending on workload, avoiding temporary hiring, training, and relying on a traditional learning curve.

Fast progress of digital technology and business models will also continue to shift the balance of global economic power, putting more pressure on CIOs to stay ahead of existing and emerging competitors. The many tools at the disposal of CIOs make up a long and comprehensive list. This paper will look at the journey a CIO would take if he or she settled on robotics as a tool to stay ahead of the technological curve.

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Inside Magazine EMEA Technology, November 2017

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