When Agile teams are not enough


When Agile teams are not enough

Scaling accelerated value delivery

The Scaled Agile framework SAFe combines Agile, Lean and DevOps into a set of principles, tangible practices and competencies, giving organisations a powerful and customisable toolkit for their transformation.

The methods used in successful transformations are all based on one fundamental insight: that major change will not happen easily for a long list of reasons. – John Kotter, Leading Change

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Why are organisations adopting Agile at Scale?

As organisations adopt Agile beyond IT and for larger programs, team-level Agile is still great—but no longer sufficient on its own. Many organisations have adopted Agile already, but find it difficult to reap its full benefits. Agile teams do not operate in an organisational vacuum and they have to be orchestrated to deliver more complex objectives across team boundaries. Furthermore, traditional budgeting and planning processes limit the effectiveness of agile working on the team-level and can be an even bigger challenge for Agile programs.

In general, organisations should avoid scaling Agile as long as possible, but once the Rubicon is reached they should cross it swiftly with a proven framework that extends their teams’ Agile practices and helps them link strategy to execution. SAFe can be used to extend team-level Agile to the program and portfolio level, while keeping Scrum and Sprints at its foundation. The investment organisations have made in the training of teams, Scrum Masters and Product Owners is not wasted, but is being built upon. SAFe training is not only available for typical Agile roles, but also senior leaders, architects, programme and portfolio managers – everyone whose involvement is required.

What is at the core of scaling successfully?

Coach your leaders to embrace servant leadership and to apply and teach the lean-agile mindset

Unlock the motivation of your knowledge workers by providing autonomy through empowerment and trust as well as purpose for your teams

Focus on quality and continuous improvement by optimising your organisation and its processes as a whole utilising system thinking

Ensure that your teams can produce value continuously and sustainably, by limiting work in progress and making it visible

How do you know when to scale?

When you need a common approach for all teams in your organisation to benefit from synergies and improved collaboration as everyone speaks the same language

When you have to coordinate solution development across multiple Agile teams, especially considering aspects like end-to-end integration and testing

When you want to extend Agile beyond your IT organisation to advance towards enterprise agility or shift from a project to a product approach

When you want to accelerate your organisation’s Agile transformation and you do not have to reinvent the wheel, a framework will help you focus on the most challenging aspects of change

When you have reached a point where traditional funding processes hinder value delivery and you plan to transition to the funding of value streams and lean budgets

When – last but not least important – your organisation has to comply with regulation and industry standards, frameworks provide guidance and best practices


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