Deloitte SAP Access Control Rapid-Deployment Solution (RDS) Solution Overview


Deloitte SAP Access Control Rapid-Deployment Solution (RDS) Solution Overview

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Deloitte SAP Access Control Rapid-Deployment Solution (RDS)

The Deloitte SAP Access Control Rapid-Deployment Solution combines SAP software and risk management content with consultancy services from Deloitte for a preconfigured solution to help reduce risks and enable our clients to achieve benefits efficiently. Implementation is within a predetermined time, cost and consultancy service scope to help companies to recognise and analyse access risk, investigate root causes, and remediate or mitigate access risk. All is achieved in a swift affordable manner with minimised risk, leading to an increase in your rate of ROI.

The benefits for your organisation are clear:

  • Lower implementation risk with pre-configuration and best practices
  • Increase your ROI with lowered implementation time of 8-12 weeks
  • Seamless and quick integration with minimum impact on your daily operations
  • Incorporated with a quick audit analytic assessment of your controls
  • Leveraging Deloitte’s best practices for effective remediation or mitigation of access risks




  • Implement SAP Access Control 10.0 starter edition
  • Establish access governance framework
  • Develop access risk & control matrix
  • Analyse access risk and investigate root causes
  • Develop risk remediation or mitigation plan
  • Continuous access risk analysis and monitoring practice





8 – 12 weeks





80.000 €

PDF file - Size: 96kb

Deliverables and benefits in detail

Implementation of SAP Access Control 10.0 starter edition

Core Component – Access risk analysis and remediation

Additional Component – Emergency access management

  • Retain SAP access risk & control matrix
  • Run real-time risk analysis (SoD and sensitive access)
  • Review access violation dashboards and reports
  • Simulate changes to user and role assignments to prevent additional violations
  • Create and assign mitigation controls
  • Schedule SoD / sensitive access reviews and conduct follow-up actions
  • Workflow process to request, approve, and provision firefighter emergency access
  • Monitor and log firefighter activities
  • Workflow process to review actions performed and managing exceptions
  • Reduce time required for granting emergency access privileges and reviewing for exception


Overall precess - access risk analysis and remediation

Access Governance Framework Development

  • Introduce Deloitte’s access governance framework specifically tailored to industries or line-of-business needs.
  • Understand client’s business process and control requirement, and identify access risk and controls
  • Develop client-specific Access Risk and Control matrix

Access Risk Analysis

  • Import access risk and control matrix into ‘SAP Access Control – Access risk analysis and remediation’
  • Perform access risk analysis and generate Access Risk analysis report

Root Cause Analysis

  • Investigate on access risk root cause: excessive access, business process defect, lack of resource or ineffective controls
  • Provide Access Risk root cause analysis report

Remediation & Mitigation Plan

  • Further analyse the possible remediation and mitigation actions: fix role design defects; adjust user-role assignment, improve business processes or deploy mitigation controls
  • Develop remediation & mitigation plan which indicates the detailed actions or tasks to be carried out to address the access risks


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