Deloitte / Temenos service offering


Deloitte / Temenos service offering

In a challenging economic environment, focusing on new revenue drivers, profitability, and operational efficiency are critical.

Temenos Insight BI - Deloitte / Temenos offering

You have the data assets and we bring industry-leading Business Analytics tools and expertise to provide you with ‘one version of the truth’ and insight into where your business can thrive. 

Insight is Temenos’ business intelligence and reporting solution specifically designed for banks running TEMENOS T24™ (T24) as their core banking system. Built on the latest Microsoft technology, Insight has been fully integrated with T24 and provides specialist out-of-the-box products. 

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Temenos T24 - Auditor training

The challenges faced after the implementation of a core banking package are not only of functional and technical nature. Very often the reach of the user training is not far enough to encompass other internal functions such as compliance and audit.

With a function-rich product like TEMENOS T24™ it can be quite challenging to find the right information, hence auditors may find it difficult to retrieve the right information they need in their day to day job. 

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Temenos Triple'A Plus health check

Performing regular health check gives you a better view on what you can get out of Triple'A Plus™ and how. Over time and successive migrations, your Triple'A™ set-up is likely to becom increasingly complex and get out of line with current business requirements or IT services objectives.

If the use of Triple' A™ Plus is limited to its initial configuration , your structure is likely to become less efficient and loose in performance. In order to reduce the implementation complexity and improve its performance, it is important to understand how your system performs and how close it is to users' requirements. Throughout this health check service, you will be better prepared to handle new versions of TEMENOS Triple'A™ Plus solutions which regularly provide significant improvements at both technological and business levels.

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Banking Transformation - Deloitte / Temenos combined methodology

Often at the start of a core banking engagement significant time can be taken having to align the various implementation methodologies that exist from the vendor, the implementation partner and the client.

This is usually a complex activity and can often leave our clients confused without a clear and simple view of the totality of their implementation journey.

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Digital services with Temenos Connect

Today, banks are fully embedded in the digital disruption turmoil, whether they have been part of the leaders in terms of digital initiatives, or have just been seen as followers. With the increase of new entrants and competitors on the market, banks now have to compete with high tech companies—revolutionizing their existing paradigm—and simultaneously introduce new efficiency and user experience standards across the whole value chain.

Deloitte offers services across all stages of the digital transformation journey, bringing you expertise on digital strategy, market best practices and, advice on how to apply them with leading edge technologies.

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Michael Holzmann

Michael Holzmann

Partner | Industry Solutions & Digital Banking

Michael leads the Digital Banking team and the Temenos Center of Excellence at Deloitte, where he focuses on CIO Advisory, Digital and Core Banking Transformation programs across all Banking segments ... More