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Introducing our services

In today’s contentiously evolving business environment, organizations need to focus on tomorrow and not today. Beyond their own industry, they need to recognize strategic opportunities and generate creative and dynamic ideas to ensure continuous growth and competitive advantage. Innovation is key when seeking to become a true visionary.

We at Deloitte are led by a major purpose; make an impact that matters. To follow our purpose, we want to offer our clients the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and excel in their changing business environment.

Deloitte designed its Innovation Services Catalogue adapted to the new business reality.

This catalogue offers you the following 5 main types of services:

  • Start-up disruptive workshops: We connect you to start-ups, allowing your company to tap into new innovative and disruptive businesses.
  • Innovation Maturity Level Assessment: We scan your organization, structure, mindset and skills to determine your innovation strategy level. The aim will be to understand your present state, to shape your future and help your company to gain competitive advantage with the right innovation process.
  • Fit for Innovation: We offer you support in order to help to find innovative ways to improve your performance and competitiveness.
  • EU Funding: Each year, the EU and national authorities inject billions of euros, in the form of cash-grants, in order to co-finance innovative investment projects. We can assist you (innovative companies and public institutions) to access funding through innovation at each stage of the process.
  • Innovation Watch: We provide a regular market intelligence watch on the latest developments within the Fintech and digital banking areas. Our services will be tailored to fit your requirements and specific objectives.



Disruptive technologies

unpredictable markets & structural changes

Fast paced markets


Demanding customers

R&D efforts

Unlimited access to information

missing out on targeted opportunities

Increased regulations

less flexible and creative organisations


Determining your innovation strategy to decide, in a cumulative and sustainable manner, which type of innovation will help your company gain competitive advantage

Helping you achieve results through innovation projects by bringing ideas to life from concept to commercial impact

Connecting you to start-ups allowing your company to tap into new innovative and disruptive businesses

Helping our customers co-finance their innovative projects by collecting cash grants from public authorities

Helping you assess and build a culture of innovation and install the right tools and processes to become more innovative and gain real innovation capacity

1. Awareness

Share with you our knowledge about industry specific innovation best practices and assess your own innovation maturity level

2. Strategy

Help you to reinvent or create an innovation culture and/or vision by defining innovative strategic axes for your business activities

3. Implemen­tation

Help you to create and/or commercialize innovative services

4. Continuous innovation

Help you gain constant knowledge on market updates and position themselves against competitors


Pascal Martino

Pascal Martino

Partner | Banking & Digital Leader

Pascal is a partner within the consulting department and has 15 years of experience. Pascal is leading Deloitte Digital for Luxembourg as well as the Banking Practice for Consulting. His areas of expe... More

Benjamin Collette

Benjamin Collette

Partner | Strategy & Corporate Finance Leader

Benjamin is an Advisory & Consulting Partner. He is specialised in Strategy and Operations set-up and efficiency engagements. He leads the Strategy, the Corporate Finance and the Regulatory Practices ... More

Luc Brucher

Luc Brucher

Partner | Healthcare & Public Sector Leader

Luc has over 16 years of experience in audit and advisory services mainly in the Life Sciences & Healthcare industry and the commercial, industrial and public sector. He is a member of the Innovation ... More