IT assessment & due diligence

Explore and discover the potential of your IT capabilities

Understanding the maturity of an IT organisation, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, is a prerequisite for discovering its true potential and achieving the full extent of efficiency gains.

This requires technology leaders to take a multi-dimensional view, examining areas ranging from process and governance to servicing capabilities and supporting technologies.

Your challenge

  • How do you deliver pre and post deal (vendor or buyer) IT due diligence for M&A transactions?
  • Does the IT operating model, including process, people and technology, adequately support the business?
  • How cost effective is the existing IT structure? What are the IT synergy possibilities? What new investments are needed?
  • What IT capabilities are required to support change or expansion?
  • What are the key risks, issues and weaknesses of the current IT organisation?
  • Is there a robust IT Service Management solution in place with comprehensive SLAs supported by clear service management processes?

Our solution

Our IT assessment & due diligence practitioners have extensive experience in:

Supporting current leaders looking to improve their IT organisation

We have developed a structured, fast and comprehensive approach to understanding the maturity and effectiveness of an IT organisation and quickly identifying the areas that present the highest potential for improvement.

Offering pre and post deal IT due diligence support

We have extensive experience of buy and sell side transactions, working on deals of varying sizes and complexities. Our local team is supplemented by a global network of resources, which we are able to leverage according to the specifics of each transaction. 


Joël Vanoverschelde

Joël Vanoverschelde

Partner | Advisory & Consulting

Joël is an expert in program management in FSI & Public sector. He has also built a whole expertise in setting up, leading and insuring delivery of very large business transformation projects with str... More

Patrick Laurent

Patrick Laurent

Partner | ACG Leader & Innovation Leader

Patrick joined Deloitte as partner in 2011 and was promoted to the Executive Committee in 2018. Patrick heads the Advisory & Consulting Group (ACG) and is the Firm Innovation Leader. He has extensive ... More

Jean-Pierre Maissin

Jean-Pierre Maissin

Partner | Strategy, Analytics and M&A Leader

With over 20 years in consulting, Jean-Pierre Maissin has acquired a strong expertise in program management, regulatory programs and IT strategy & transformation projects. Throughout his career, Jean-... More