Technology Infrastructure Advisory Services


Technology Infrastructure Advisory Services

Harness the power of strategic agility

Achieving stable yet up-to-date IT services is a critical challenge for many organisations today. But even more so over the next few years as infrastructures become increasingly more complex and new technologies will disrupt business-as-usual. Deloitte can help you achieve your goals.

IT Infrastructure accounts for close to half of the IT budget in most organisations, yet often receives much less attention and focus than other IT functions. In the modern hyper-connected world, infrastructure provides both the means for efficiency but also the foundational structures for effective business and IT services.

Disruption is all around us, mainly coming from technology innovation, which is unfolding in front of our eyes in rapid pace, fuelled by four parts

  • Connectivity revolution enabling information to travel from anywhere, at almost any speed, and at any time;
  • Information revolution which delivers data and knowledge at your fingertips, exactly when you need it;
  • Communication revolution covering all channels of communication including classic e-channels as well as new ones like social, IM, blogs all via e- and m-channels;
  • Technology revolution delivering new device types, standardisation, virtualisation, and software enablement in both the front-end as well as the back-end

To ensure your IT infrastructure services are able to support the paradigm shift taking place in IT today, you can draw on Deloitte knowledge and experience as independent advisor with relevant consultancy services, delivering transformation and transition when and where it is required.


Our IT Infrastructure services are focused on improving your IT services, getting a clear understanding of where improvements will provide best value for money, and preparing you for the next generation of IT services.

These key services cover the IT Infrastructure challenges from strategy and transformation through to optimisation and outsourcing.

Data Centre Strategy & Transformation - selecting a DC strategy covers several dimensions including technology, real estate, GRC, finance and tax – resulting in possible large optimisation.

IT Infrastructure Strategy – developing a clear vision linked to the IS and business goals, ITI objectives are articulated and the strategy formulated.

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing - assist throughout the outsourcing cycle, starting at assessment ending with transition & transformation. We cover all areas from strategy/value creation and people aspects, to project management and technology.

IT Services Management Maturity Improvement - a review of the complete IT Service Management function resulting in understanding of the current state as basis for improving the future state.

IT Operations Efficiency - assessment of operational processes and procedures to establish were things might be going wrong and where it will impact the business.

IT Infrastructure Optimisation / Consolidation - analyse the organisation’s infrastructure to identify cost reduction opportunities through consolidation, standardisation and process optimisation.

Cloud Advisory Services - evaluate requirements, assess readiness, build the business case and cloud roadmap(s), and assist with vendor evaluation.

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Patrick Laurent

Patrick Laurent

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