IT strategy & planning

Positioning IT as an enabler for business strategy

The role of CIOs has evolved to become that of a business partner who acts as a liaison and enabler. The CIO should be able to translate technological advancements into business opportunities and capabilities, supporting business strategy and tactical commercial shifts with high responsiveness.

Your challenge

  • How do you keep your IT strategy aligned with the business strategic vision and objectives? Do you position your IT systems as the engine for change?
  • How do you plan to limit project delays, service outages and the failure to react fast enough to changing business needs?
  • How do you make use of innovation to acquire competitive advantage, increase market share, or review your operating model?
  • How do you keep pace with technological trends and take advantage of them?
  • Do you have all the monitoring structures in place to ensure that the rollout of your strategy will be successful?

Our solution

Deloitte’s IT strategy and planning service assists the CIO in positioning IT as an enabler for business strategy by establishing an IT vision and roadmap, and by defining the principles of the operating model that will most efficiently support them.

Together with the company, we review the organisation’s strategy, external factors such as the regulatory environment and the technologies that work in the market.

We then define long-term IT capabilities, identify the most appropriate technology trends to adopt, and specify the structural changes that we organise in a well-structured plan by taking into account capacity, innovation, alternative delivery models, etc. 


Joël Vanoverschelde

Joël Vanoverschelde

Partner | Advisory & Consulting Leader

Joël is the leader of the Advisory & Consulting Department. He is an expert in program management in FSI & Public sector. He also built a whole expertise in setting up, leading and insuring delivery o... More

Patrick Laurent

Patrick Laurent

Partner | Technology & Innovation Leader

Patrick is Deloitte Luxembourg’s Technology & Innovation Leader. He joined Deloitte as Partner in 2011 and was promoted to the firm’s Executive Committee in 2018. Patrick specializes in IT Strategy, E... More

Jean-Pierre Maissin

Jean-Pierre Maissin

Partner | EMEA FSI Analytics Leader

With over 20 years in consulting, Jean-Pierre Maissin has acquired a strong expertise in program management, regulatory programs and IT strategy & transformation projects. Throughout his career, Jean-... More