IT transformation


IT transformation

Maximising the value of IT

Companies are currently facing unprecedented challenges and changes. Cost reduction initiatives, post-merger integration and new regulatory requirements are all business triggers that require companies to transform the way they operate.

With an appropriate IT Operating Model, organisations can deliver more value, drive continuous improvement, improve performance transparency and be more effective in delivering services aligned with business needs.

Your challenge

  • How do you align the IT organisation’s structure with the company’s strategic objectives and priorities?
  • How do you get more value from your IT organisation while reducing its costs?
  • How do you improve discretionary spending versus maintenance costs?
  • How do you become more agile to respond to change in a fast and cost effective manner?
  • How do you ensure you have the right mix of skills on-board?
  • How do you retain your talent?
  • How do you define the right metrics to measure and report on performance?

Our solution

The Deloitte IT transformation service aims at enabling clients to implement IT systems better suited to their corporate strategy and vision by clearly defining the path to an optimal IT target operating model.

Deloitte’s IT transformation practitioners bring proven methodologies and robust tools to deliver the following services:

  • Operating model assessment, design and implementation
  • Performance measurement
  • Definition of service level agreements
  • IT solution and service delivery process optimisation
  • IT capability and talent improvement
  • IT cost reduction


Patrick Laurent

Patrick Laurent

Partner | ACG Leader & Innovation Leader

Patrick joined Deloitte as partner in 2011 and was promoted to the Executive Committee in 2018. Patrick heads the Advisory & Consulting Group (ACG) and is the Firm Innovation Leader. He has extensive ... More

Jean-Pierre Maissin

Jean-Pierre Maissin

Partner | Strategy, Analytics & M&A and EU Leader

With over 20 years in consulting, Jean-Pierre Maissin has acquired a strong expertise in program management, regulatory programs and IT strategy & transformation projects. Throughout his career, Jean-... More