Regtech cost reduction and compliance


Implementing RegTech for cost reduction and compliance

On your journey to implement RegTech, we can help you tackle your toughest, most complex industry challenges and keep pace with rapid regulatory changes. Our regulatory specialists, industry partners and research experts will work with you to experience and co-create scalable RegTech solutions to digitally reinvent your business.

Regulatory expertise combined with innovative technologies as the key to success

Current and future challenges will not be solved satisfactorily in the medium and long term with classic compliance IT solutions. Excessive regulations, shorter time windows for reporting deadlines or the growing flood of data require innovative solutions such as AI, robotics process automation, blockchain, predictive analytics, etc.

Unleash the power of RegTech by integrating state-of-the-art technology and forward-looking methodologies

Discover the potential of new technologies to experience practical and tailor-made scenarios and RegTech use cases that cover current and future regulatory weaknesses. Apply design thinking to your industry context to improve products and services, customer experiences and processes, and to put people at the center of your innovation and design process.

By leveraging Deloitte’s in-depth understanding of RegTech solutions, you can explore how to link regulations, technology and innovation to tackle current and upcoming compliance challenges.

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Regulatory compliance

Regulatory watch, compliance & governance, regulatory reporting

  • How to keep track of the daily flow of new regulations?
  • How do new regulations impact you?
  • Where do you capture the actions to be taken?
  • What’s your global status on achievements and compliance situation?

Risk management

Market risk, conduct risk, cyber risk

  • How to keep track of the daily flow of new regulations?
  • How do new regulations impact you?
  • Where do you capture the actions to be taken?
  • What’s your global status on achievements and compliance situation?

Financial crime

Financial fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, market abuse

  • What are the key risks your business is subject to?
  • What are the levels of risk your business is exposed to?
  • What are the appropriate countermeasures?

Identity management

KYC for identity verification, KYC for onboarding, KYC for AML checks

  • How to handle the lack of KYC standards?
  • How to reduce the number of people involved in the KYC process within the organization?
  • How to be aware of new information with regard to a client’s identity?
  • How to keep up-to-date with ever-changing global KYC regulations?

How we solve the issues?

The regulatory transformation journey

We help you to address both your innovative ideas and the complex challenges of the industry and to keep up with the fast regulatory changes. You work with our regulatory specialists, industry partners and research experts to develop intelligent, scalable solutions that respond to your needs. Deloitte's deep understanding of RegTech solutions enables you to explore how you can connect data and technology to meet current and future challenges.

Quickly set ambitions and chart a path to success by developing a roadmap to achieve those ambitions.

Make it tangible, put the ambition in motion by moving forward and launching the solution.

Once the ambition is redined, scale the ambition through flexible and integrated delivery teams.


Creating actionable outputs
We use prototypes and pilots to bring ideas to life and test them with real users, in the real world.

Working collaboratively
We take collaboration to the next level to gain the momentum necessary to launch and scale the solutions.

Test, implement, measure and improve
We test and validate innovative solutions with clients as early as possible. We embed the generated ideas into your organization and make sure the effects are measured and a cycle of continuous improvement is jumpstarted.

Working fast
We work fast and iterate often, from post-it to pilot in as little as 60 days.

Discover our RegTech solutions


Operational compliance delivered in managed services

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Regulatory watch solution

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Transaction regulatory reporting services

Daily transaction regulatory reporting in full confidentiality and tailored to your specific needs

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Registration Insights

Cross-border distribution goes digital

Start your RegTech journey with our experts

François-Kim Hugé

François-Kim Hugé

Partner | Fund Registration Services

François-Kim is a partner within the advisory & consulting department. He is currently in charge for running the Fund Registration Services, incl. the KIID Factory and AIFMD Notification Services. He ... More

Patrick Laurent

Patrick Laurent

Partner | ACG Leader & Innovation Leader

Patrick joined Deloitte as partner in 2011 and was promoted to the Executive Committee in 2018. Patrick heads the Advisory & Consulting Group (ACG) and is the Firm Innovation Leader. He has extensive ... More

Simon Ramos

Simon Ramos

Partner | IM Advisory & Consulting

Simon is a partner within the Luxembourg advisory and consulting practice and has more than 20 years’ experience in the investment management industry. He delivers client solutions across the entire i... More

Maxime Heckel

Maxime Heckel

Partner | Forensic & Financial Crime

Maxime joined Deloitte in 2006, and currently serves as Partner in Financial Advisory for the Forensic & Financial Crime practice. Maxime has extensive experience in Forensic and AML/CTF related servi... More

Fateh Amroune

Fateh Amroune

Director | Innovation

Fateh Amroune joined Deloitte in 2019, and currently serves as Director in Tax for the digital transformation and Innovation initiatives. Fateh Amroune has extensive experience in Digital Transformati... More

Benoit Sauvage

Benoit Sauvage

Director | Risk Advisory

Member of the RegWatch Team, development of a regulatory watch offer and service. Expertise linked to EU affairs, with focus on Financial Market and product regulations: MIFID, PRIIPS, MAR, CSD-R, EMI... More

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