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Deloitte Digital’s Salesforce practice brings a new digital mind-set to the complex challenge of transforming customer engagement. We work with forward-thinking companies worldwide to re-imagine and build solutions for connecting with clients across every platform, every device, and covering every step of the customer journey. Using our design, industry, and Salesforce knowledge, we help you create artfully engineered experiences that combine the power of digital, mobile, cloud, and social technologies.

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New ways to engage with customers

New technologies have been transforming expectations, as hyper-connected customers now demand a personalized experience. This means gathering and maintaining a large volume of client data, often involving different systems with differing degrees of complexity that have to communicate with each other for the information to be centralized. Moreover, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on companies have undeniably highlighted the importance of engaging with clients through digital channels. In this context, Deloitte Digital has been working hand-in-hand with Salesforce to help organizations transform the way they operate in order to tackle the current challenges and grasp opportunities. Its robust and recognized Cloud platform offering, combined with our industry expertise and embedded agile methodology, guarantee the best outcome for your digital transformation.

A secure and scalable Cloud-based solution

To respond to these changes in customer expectations, we strongly believe that Salesforce’s platform and ecosystem reconcile the optimization and tracking of interactions while decreasing the number of physical touch points. Salesforce is a key enabler for a better customer service and experience thanks to digital and innovative tools, with increased transparency for both employees and customers and more responsive and personalized client interactions. It is a scalable and secure cloud-based solution that helps you deal with the problem of siloed data and departments, and increase information flows and efficiency across your marketing, sales and service processes. While Salesforce provides for easy and quick integration, implementing and adopting such tools transforms organizations and requires business and change capabilities, together with creative and technology skills. Overall, the success of such implementation goes beyond simply configuring a system, because the best experiences are not limited to translating internal processes onto digital screens. And this is where partnering with Deloitte Digital will turn your Salesforce roll-out into a success. Leveraging our industry expertise, our offering covers the full value chain for your Digital Transformation: We Imagine, Deliver, and Run the future.

Leveraging our industry expertise, our offering covers the full value chain for your Digital Transformation: We Imagine, Deliver, and Run the future.

We define with you a digital vision to help your business thrive in these disrupted conditions and leverage Salesforce’s capabilities to unlock the full potential of this vision. The discovery phase uses design-thinking methodology to design superior experiences across all touchpoints of the customer or employee journey. This phase entails detailing requirements, supporting tools and systems selection, detailing architecture and integration strategy, as well as confirming a preliminary roadmap.

We build the foundations of Salesforce and other functionalities identified during the discovery phase. This ranges from prototyping up to the completion of the end solution, and includes configuration, integration, migration and precise program management, and Quality Assurance. Coupled with our iterative refinement approach, our cross-functional teams ensure fast and efficient Salesforce project delivery.

We support you in the transition, ensuring a long-term process and technology adoption. This phase provides you with pre- and post- Go Live support, corrective and evolutive maintenance as required, system administration, etc. This ultimately leads to an overall better quality of delivery.

About Deloitte:
Combining our recognized strength in business transformation, industry expertise and technology implementation, we are a Global Strategic Salesforce partner, with more than 6,500 practitioners and a 9.7 Customer Satisfaction Score. Moreover, Deloitte was named a leader in CRM and Customer Experience Implementation Services worldwide.

In Luxembourg, our rapidly expanding Salesforce practice can count on 30 certified individuals. Additionally, strategic nearshoring enables us to allocate additional resources to help deliver your digital transformation project. With successful delivery of major Salesforce programs, we have a proven track record in multiple industries (Banking, Manufacturing, Utilities, etc). Our local expertise has recently been recognized with the IT One award “Best Digital Transformation Project of the Year” (2020).

Deloitte Digital and MuleSoft

Solving our clients, most challenging connectivity problems across applications, data sources, and APIs.

As Global MuleSoft Partner of the Year, Deloitte Digital is working with MuleSoft to create innovative customer experiences easier. In a rapid technology environment, CIOs and technology leaders must be nimble in their roles to find ways to innovate faster and stay ahead of the competition. To that end, we can help CIOs meet the continuously evolving demand to connect to data that can be used to take advantage of disruptors and create transformation opportunities for the business.

Deloitte Digital receives three 2021 Partner of the Year awards

Each year the MuleSoft Partner Awards recognize top performing partners that excel in growing the business through innovation, product training and certification. The 2021 awards focus on those with skills and experience that leverage MuleSoft’s API-led connectivity to help customers unlock business capability and build application networks that accelerate the speed of information technology delivery. The result is an increased organization agility and enabled innovation at scale for Deloitte Digital and MuleSoft customers.

  • Global Channels Partner of the Year
  • Americas Channels Partner of the Year
  • EMEA Practice Development Partner of the Year

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Ronan Vander Elst

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Ajda Alev

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