Driving your digital service excellence with ServiceNow®

Strategic value of Enterprise Service Management

Challenges of today and target situation

Some critical challenges in IT today can be addressed partly through the use of a platform like ServiceNow®. When used, enterprise-wide digital enablement becomes possible.

“Enterprise Service Management” must assist each organization deliver digitally internally — employees today expect the same service internally as they are used to externally.

We drive your digital transformation to a Digital Services Enterprise utilizing ServiceNow® to overcome technical hurdles and focus on your business challenges.

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What's happening

Some of the current trends affecting our clients are closely related to Enterprise Service Management.

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The Business of Technology

Cloud-Based Enterprise

Digitalizing the Customer Experience


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Automating Efficiencies

Collaborating with Partners

Measuring Performance

Protected from Threats

How Deloitte can help

Our ServiceNow® portfolio embraces the entire project lifecycle and combines our business expertise with our ServiceNow® capabilities in solutions design, development, and project delivery.

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Health Check

We provide unique methods to rapidly evaluate your ServiceNow® and tooling environment.

Custom Business Solutions

Our experts work to solve complex operational challenges specific to your business.

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End-to-End Delivery

Enterprise-focused, quality, and sustainable transformation are the hallmarks of our end-to-end ServiceNow® delivery capability.

Operate & Improve

Once the services are live, engaging on an improvement phase is important to understand the level of customer satisfaction and areas for improvement.

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Patrick Laurent

Patrick Laurent

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Stéphane Hurtaud

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Jesper Nielsen

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João Dos Santos

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