ETF Listing Services


ETF Listing Services

The hub where your ETFs can take off

Deloitte provides a listing service for UCITS ETFs that you can solicitate either on a stand-alone basis or as an efficient add-on to Deloitte’s fund registration and KIID production services. You will have one central point of contact to achieve all your listing needs on any key European Stock Exchanges.

Do you manage a UCITS ETF or plan to do so and intend to market it in multiple countries? You not only have to perform the cross-border fund registration and the production of legal and marketing documents, you also need to seek admission and introduction to trading on various stock markets in Europe. Don’t want to waste time and effort coordinating with various counterparties for each market you wish to trade your ETF on?

Deloitte’s listing service includes the following:

  • Project planning: 
    • establishing timelines, 
    • providing data and document requirements per stock exchange for each listing project
    • regular status updates and calls
  • Completion of the specific Application Forms of the Stock Exchanges
  • Collection of fund documents and related listing data with the relevant stakeholders
  • Submission of the application package
  • Follow up and communication with the stock exchanges
  • Notification of changes and updated legal documentation
  • Notification of corporate events (merger, liquidation, dividends etc.)
  • De-listings
  • Ad-hoc requests (review of stock exchange invoices etc.)


Deloitte cover the key Stock Exchanges:

  • Borsa Italiana
  • Deutche Borsa XETRA
  • London Stock Exchange
  • SIX Swiss Exchange
  • Euronext Paris

Additional Stock Exchanges can be serviced on request such as BX Swiss, Luxembourg Stock Exchange, CBOE United Kingdom and Netherlands and SIC Mexico.

As the fund registration and KIID production is a pre-condition for listing an ETF, the integration of the ETF listing with the other Deloitte fund distribution services helps you to achieve a highly efficient go-to-market with no time wasted on coordinating with various parties. Deloitte will manage the entire process for you from start to finish, thus allowing you to access the right markets as quickly as possible.

Deloitte's key added value is we act as a one stop shop for all your fund distribution needs, including the listing of ETFs. This results in better time management and cost efficiency, ensuring a smooth process throughout. We also ensure that you are aware of any regulatory or procedural changes with regard to ETF listing. We will manage any ongoing maintenance for you once your ETF has been listed on the relevant stock exchange.

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François-Kim Hugé

François-Kim Hugé

Partner | Fund Registration Services

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Markus Schwamborn

Markus Schwamborn

Director | Consulting - IM & PERE

Markus joined Deloitte Luxembourg’s Advisory and Consulting Group department as a Manager in 2007. Building on his previous experience at a Fund Management Company and another Big 4 firm, he focused f... More