Deloitte Latvia supports “Mentor Latvia” mentoring program 2020

Making an impact that matters

At Deloitte, we commit to contributing to society as a role model for positive change. We contribute to society and communities by engaging with non-profit organizations, governments, and other businesses to make a positive impact on local, national or global challenges.

In 2020 Deloitte Latvia chose to support “Mentor Latvia” mentoring program with donation that helped 35 young people broadening their horizons, achieving the goals set by the mentor couple and were able to receive emotional and practical support by their mentors. Our support helped to provide psychologist consultations and doctor visits to young people age 15-19 in times of crisis, as well as help for mentors - mentor support groups led by the program's psychologist.

“Mentor Latvia” is a non-profit non-governmental organization that has been operating in Latvia since 2010. More than 400 young people have received support in the last 10 years. Its main goal is to provide emotional support and promote the well-being of young people age 15-19 who have not felt and become acquainted with family life and care as children. To find out more information about the organization and mentoring program, please visit “Mentor Latvia” home page.

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