Deloitte Baltic Summer Event 2018

All three Deloitte Baltic teams from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania celebrated summer in a two-day summer event full of smiles, fun activities and great time spent together!

Summer event is the exact right time when to appreciate the great work that has been done during the season and celebrate it together with the whole team!

Year 2018 summer gathering for all three Deloitte Baltic teams took place in Estonia - in the wonderful Lepanina Hotel just near the sea.

These two sunny days started with a truly challenging and interesting team activity - building a boat from cardboard to participate in the boat competition happening later. What at first seemed impossible later turned out that in team you can do everything! More than 10 cardboard boats were built and the boat race definitely enhanced the positive energy around.

Following the great first challenge completed, everyone enjoyed various activities happening around - different sports (volleyball, basketball, tennis), Zumba, flower crown masterclass, tattoo drawing as well as water joys (swimming, water aerobics).

Before the evening dances and well-earned party started, our partners shared with everyone their appreciation speeches on great work done and awarded best colleagues who have showed advanced contribution to our team and work.


During these two days Deloitte Baltics team definitely boosted up positivity and inspiration levels to reach for higher success in the next season!

Photo insights of the event

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