Deloitte Latvia All Staff Event

June 2018

Celebrating the year-end success and great times spent together

When the whole team comes together - great times are definitely guaranteed! All Deloitte Latvia team gathered at the sunny Riga Sunset Lounge terrace to celebrate the financial year-end success.

Switching from formal presentations to more personal speeches, our partners introduced everyone with the biggest wins and successes of the year and celebrated the team spirit! And that is not it – for inspiration to aim even higher next year we had invited one of the great Latvian professional athletes, Ineta Radēviča, to share with us her tips about how to boost inner motivation levels for even higher goals. We would like to share some of the specially valuable thoughts:

  • “Always plan – and not only your Up’s, but also Down’s. If you are prepared for the “low period” in your life or work, you take it easier”;
  • “Think about what are your true values. You can’t say – “I want to win Olimpic games” and then do nothing about it. As well as you can’t say “my family is everything to me” and then miss your children concerts”;
  • “You always have to have your team. Great success is never achieved alone. For me to jump high it meant not only my personal training, but also team work from my coach, doctor, manager, and, of course, constant support from my family”.


With such a positive financial year-end celebration we are definitely ready for new achievements that the next year could bring!

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