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Meet one of Deloitte Latvia collaboration Startups - Graphdo and get to know more about their unique in-depth customer analysis software.

Transforming complicated topologies into understandable graphs

Graphdo has developed an unique solution for financial institutions - a software that analyzes and visualizes client transactions and makes AML risks identification a lot more easier.  

Based on graph theory, the Graphdo software allows to analyze complicated payment structures between clients by looking not only on a single client`s payments but also on the partners’ payments, partner`s partners` and so on. The clear graph structure provides many powerful AML risk indicators:

  • graph complexity;
  • presence of the cyclical money flows and other suspicious patterns;
  • distance to nearest high-risk client/partner;
  • clients’ “roles” identification.

The semantic analysis of payment descriptions classifies all turnover by industries and categories. Discrepancies by industries ratio is the additional risk indicator for AML risk evaluation. The opportunities are definitely wide range - semantic analysis is performed using dictionary of text patterns and supports different languages.

Supported by user-friendly visualization interface for manual investigation, Graphdo provided graph analytics allows user to interact with the graph object – filter transactions, zoom graph, relocate nodes for better layout and export as interactive html file or as a static picture.

In fact, flexible IT structure of the Graphdo provides fast integration with any data sources (SQL and NoSQL databases). Deployment on premises ensures security of the data, no external connections needed. Graphdo comes with fine-tuning taking into account specificities of the customer’s IT systems, data volumes, clients’ properties, users’ needs etc.

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Client feedback

Currently two banks in Latvia have chosen Graphdo solutions and clients` satisfaction levels are definitely high. As AML officers confirm - with Graphdo they get a new level of transparency of money flows and save a lot of time using drawings of automatic payments schemes. As well Graphdo software undoubtedly proves that their system is very easy to maintain - within 18 months period no IT incidents occurred. As for future plans Graphdo is looking to expand their client base in Baltic region as well as Eastern and Central Europe. 

Main markets

Graphdo provided solutions are targeted to banks and payment institutions in Europe as well as other English-speaking countries. Graphdo provides biggest added value for the banks with at least 5 – 10 billion EUR assets and international payments services looking for their AML risk management improvement and automation. However, based on flexible pricing policy Graphdo solutions are economically viable also for smaller institutions.

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