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Get familiar with one of Deloitte Latvia collaboration Startups - Notakey and find out more about their revolutionary blockchain solutions.

Unique solution for customer identification and due diligence

Typically financial institutions are doing customer identification and due diligence manually and at their branches. However this is changing as governments across world are allowing to use video identification for these purposes. Notakey provides a solution that allows to completely automate this process and do it remotely, thus reducing the time needed for customer due diligence from weeks to 7 minutes. During this process we check proof of address, validate identity documents, do face-matching, check sanction lists, analyse transactions and once everything is finished - record the result on blockchain for re-usage across services. 

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Client feedback

As Jānis Graubiņš, Co-founder of Notakey, reveals: "This quote from one of our clients says it best - I have to say that this system seems like one of the most ingenious blockchain apps out there."

Future expansion plans

Currently Notakey is working with all EU Member States based on the fact the legal requirements in this region are familiar. However, Notakey team is looking hopefully to work together with Deloitte expertise to be able to tailor and provide the product to markets beyond EU.

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