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The Power Of Women In Business: Development, Leadership, Networking

Deloitte SheXO Club has operated in Central Europe since 2011 and is addressed to women holding managerial and executive positions with an aim of increasing the proportion of women in corporate governance. Currently the club brings together women working in both private and public sector from 10 countries across Central Europe.

SheXo Club in Latvia

Following Deloitte initiative, at the end of January2018, we announced the SheXO Club opening also in Latvia. More than 40 knowledgeable, purposeful and resourcefull women - leaders (CEOs and Members of the Board) from various Latvian companies have gathered together to share their experiences and to inspire and encourage other women to succeed in pursuing their most ambitious career goals. One of the keynote speakers of the event was Dana Reizniece – Ozola, Latvian Minister of Finance, who happens to be a lady and a fantastic and inspiring speaker as well.

«Our aim is to promote the proportion of women in the Boards and on Top level positions by acting as mentors, helping with ideas, sharing practical knowledge in order for more women to reach the higher level in their career. In Lithuania, we already have 60 members in SheXO Club, from which there are two men who want to create a better balance in their company’s board. We devote our attention to everything that helps women to develop their careers, " stated Deloitte Baltics partner, Kristīne Jarve, patroness of SheXO initiative in Lithuania and Latvia. She added that her interest in the club is both pragmatic and emotional

“Studies affirm that companies with at least 30% of women in the Board are more innovative, with better reputation and smaller staff turnover. Personally, as a mother of two daughters, I am interested in their possibility to build their careers, without facing stereotypes about women and men professions and what women can or can not do and achieve, "noted Kristīne .

« I want women to be aware that they can be both different and even slightly reckless. This room has a huge IQ per square meter - it's brilliant, because in this way we can be useful both to each other and to other women, giving them the courage to move forward and be happy,” Co-owner of Signet Bank, Irīna Pīgozne mentioned in her keynote speech during the event.

SheXO club in Latvia is planned as a regular meeting activity for women – leaders to share their knowledge, best practice, and, of course, inspire each other.


If you have any questions regards the Club, please feel free to contact the Patroness of the initiative Kristine Jarve or the manager of the Club Polina Nazarova.


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