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Deloitte understands the importance of Diversity and with it the need for empowering and advancing women. Through various motivational initiatives, mentoring, regular informal meetings and workshops, we aim to attract, develop and retain talented women in Deloitte.

Woman @Deloitte brings together senior female leaders from all the firm’s service lines and links into similar initiatives in other CE countries.

Woman @Deloitte key initiatives:

  • To provide opportunities for women of advanced professional stages and backgrounds to connect and enrich each other's experience in the Firm;
  • To mentor aspiring women leaders to enable them to have successful careers in the Firm;
  • To destroy gender stereotypes when it comes to leadership in the top ranks in the Firm;
  • To promote the role of women in boards and top management positions in the Firm.


Women in Business @Deloitte Latvia

Welcome Dace Cīrule, Deloitte Latvia Legal Managing Associate, who is a real family soul and loves art enthusiastically!

I am working for my family and myself. Deloitte, on the other hand, has formed an appreciated background for my real life. Day in and day out I have just one major challenge – to get as many qualitative minutes with my 3 little children and husband as possible. Still, I do have a lot of fundamental interests, from which one is playing violin. Playing violin – is a very subtle and sensual form of art. And true art requires no definition. It requires art recipients being able to perceive it. No matter whether with appreciation or anger, since art either builds on the existing thoughts and ideas, or provokes and challenges comfort zones to get to new ones.”

Welcome Guna Kudrjavceva, Deloitte Latvia Senior Consultant and an avid traveller!

“Taking time off to travel was a remarkable experience! I had been thinking about long-term travel beyond a standard vacation for a while and spent four months backpacking around South-East Asia in the first half of 2017. I enjoyed SE Asia tremendously – it is such an exciting region with rich cultural heritage mixed with the rapid growth of recent decades, all on the background of gorgeous natural landscapes and delectable cuisine. I joined Deloitte after my travels and I am delighted to be applying my skills and knowledge on exciting projects in a growth environment.”

Welcome Linda Gulbe, Deloitte Latvia Advisory Senior Associate, whose passion is ice hockey!

“Working in Deloitte for me has given the opportunity to live megalopolitan lifestyle in terms of pace of action, new impressions and new faces. Digital mindset and willingness to challenge each other are those qualities that I like the most about Deloitte colleagues. Talking about ice hockey, I am truly amazed about the hockey players' ability to provide such a great level of physical skills at such a high speed! Needless to say that exactly ice hockey is one of not so many sports where Latvia is among world elite players and I am truly proud about it! I guess that is why it was kind of easy to choose hockey as the hobby for my sons."

Welcome Jekaterina Petskaja, Deloitte Latvia Audit Manager, who is also very passionate about horses!

“Working at Deloitte keeps my eyes open, holds on focused and gives untypical situations for dealing with, nevertheless how long you work here. It is a very demanding working place, however with perfect planning you can have a good combination of professional and other activities in your life. For me horse riding is a very enjoyable sports activity, perfect method for quick mind release and a place for positive energy accumulation. Horse riding is balancing between technical skills and being able to find and retain the link with this living creature, who has its own thoughts about what’s going on, its own mood, temperament and abilities. Horses are also the only animals I know, who are so sensitive to intercommunication. During horse riding every tiny movement you make, might give you a different result. That is why I find this sport so inspirational!” 

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