Big Data

More than just another buzzword

While for some Big Data is just another buzzword, for others it is a remarkable part of a day-to-day work. But what does it really mean to work with Big Data? To explain more about experience in this area, we asked Elvis Lediņš, a Consultant working in Deloitte Latvia Analytics & Information Management (AIM) team – the first Technology Consulting Team in Baltics that is focusing on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies across the Globe – some questions on this topic.

What were you doing before switching to Big Data?

Even though I studied medical engineering, before working in Big Data I did various jobs related to Web Development. I worked as a backend Web developer in an agency for close to two years, developing content management systems (CMS) and writing APIs for mobile applications. I also tried freelancing – developing new websites myself as well as driving the development process as a Project Manager.

Why did you choose to switch to Big Data?

Freelancing didn't suit me that well, I think. I really missed working with other developers face-to-face, chit-chatting about the trends in tech or bragging about a home project I was working on. I also noticed that I wasn’t enjoying building beautiful user interfaces; for me it was more about "writing logic" and coming up with technical, not visual solutions. Working with multiple servers and building
large scale solutions was very interesting to me, since I’m a Linux enthusiast

 Why did you choose Consulting?

I wanted to talk to the people I develop solutions for. Generally, as a software developer you don’t get to interact with clients a lot. As a Project Manager I did enjoy finding solutions together with the client, but missed not building and perfecting said solutions myself.

Software Engineering Consulting with Big Data seemed like a good option, this path had a lot of things I was looking for – client interaction, software development and working with large and complex systems.

 Why Deloitte?

I wanted to be part of something big, something international and professional, yet I didn’t want to experience a lot of bureaucracy in my day-to-day work. Since a friend of mine was working here, I had the chance to ask him all about life at Deloitte, and I liked what I heard.

Working with well-known brands is extremely exciting – it feels like the impact you are making might become part of your daily life. Generally, working in Deloitte is great as big companies know what they want and they know it well. Working with competent people has been very enjoyable for me.

 You started working at Deloitte via our study program – did you like it?

Big Data Academy was perfect for me, but I can’t say it would be the same for everyone. I enjoy spending hours researching technical solutions and coming up with them myself. I love that there was no “right solution” for a home task, just a problem and the expected result. There is no “hand holding” in this program, and when you ask for help you will never get a complete solution. This way you can accumulate a lot of technical knowledge as well as mental fortitude, because the technologies we are working with are very cutting edge and Google search results are sparse.

 Where do you see yourself in the future?

I don't strive for a particular position or status. I just want to develop solutions and work on more challenging tasks. I do like responsibility and would like to be the one accountable whether the solution is delivered perfectly or there have been bumps along the way.

 Would you suggest anyone to work with Big Data even if they don’t have any experience in this area?

Well, sure – how are you going to get experience if not by getting experience? Technically if you know at least one programming language and have a good understanding of databases you can definitely work in Big Data. Some Linux knowledge wouldn't hurt, though. If you are interested in joining Big Data Academy, apply by sending e-mail to!

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