Maksims Levcenko

Manager | Analytics & Information Management

Maksims has recently joined Deloitte Central Europe as Analytics & Information Management team Manager. Maksims is an IT professional with 17 years of industry experience, having major focus on Business Intelligence, and Traditional and Modern Enterprise Data Warehousing topics. Maksims has over 10 years of Technology Consulting experience. During this time, he has worked with global clients and brands thus bringing substantial knowledge in the area we have strategic focus on.

Tell us some more about yourself! Maybe about your hobbies?

My job is my hobby, I guess. That may sound somewhat naïve and trivial, but I really do like what I do on a daily basis. Particularly things related to Technology Architecture. However, I am still a human being, so, like many other people on the planet Earth, I enjoy traveling no matter where, and I like some heavy athletics sports.

Another typical question for a newcomer: what were your first impressions of Deloitte when you just started?

Recently we visited Czech Republic, where we, as newbies, were introduced to one of Deloitte’s Partners. He also asked a similar question, like – “What are the first things that come to your mind about Deloitte?” I must admit, the question caught me off guard, so the answer really came from the top of my head. It was along the lines of these two words: Intelligence and Creativity.

Now, after a month at Deloitte, I would also add Borderless and Human Focus to my initial answer.

 Could you describe your role in the company?

My role is Data Management lead in Analytics & Information Management team, and I really enjoy it. My duties mostly concern two things: Business development and Technology evangelization. As for the proportion – it depends. This role is, actually, quite interesting, since it requires a combination of Business and Technology specific knowledge. That’s what I really enjoy, as working with both combined is never boring. 

What does your typical working day look like?

It’s never the same. Believe it or not, I don’t have working days that could be considered typical, since each and every day I do something new. At this point in time, it’s about new business establishment and development. This allows me to learn new things day by day. I came from Technology consulting, so switching to Management consulting paradigm, looks like a new challenge for me. This is my feeling after the first month at Deloitte.

 What exciting tasks does your team work on?

At this point in time, I would say, it is AI recommendation engine, recently implemented for PrivatBank Latvia. We are proud that it is purely homemade Latvian product. A great team in combination with unique opportunity made it happen. 

What interesting technologies do you use here?

I guess, “everything” is the most applicable answer here. I came from relational data world, where I spent about 15 years of my life. What I see at Deloitte is mostly related to Big Data & Advanced Analytics, which is impressive. Especially, Fraud Analytics topics that combine a huge amount of creativity, elegance and bleeding edge technologies all together.

 What do you consider the main benefits working in our AIM team?

Based on my personal observations I would like to highlight two – my colleagues and work environment, as both are very friendly here. I really do enjoy being surrounded by intelligent people. What is crucially important – I truly like my daily responsibilities.

What do you consider to be the most important reasons to join our

I believe that it is all about the opportunity to work in a good “climate” along with the possibility to learn new things. In my humble opinion, quite a lot depends on previous experience. For those, who have recently started their journey within the world of IT, it may be a mix of modern technologies and challenging projects, as well as supportive colleagues on top of that. For more experienced colleagues, it may be about the ability to make an impact that matters. I believe that we are moving in the right direction. Human focus is getting trendy nowadays, and, as a team, we are going to take part in this journey.

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