101 questions regarding your payroll  

Within a very short time frame you receive  an overview regarding opportunities and  risks of your payroll

Wage charges, premium payments, travel allowances, fringe benefits, stock options, special remunerations for employees and much more – the necessary information is available within your company, but are these data considered in the correct way within the payroll?

It is a fact that mistakes and risks within your payroll accounting cannot be eliminated due to  complexity of law and jurisdiction. Furthermore, it is a fact that these risks  can be identified within the next wage tax audit. On the other hand possibilities of tax optimization are disobeyed quite often. The important thing is to never stop questioning.

Our service

💡 Within a personal meeting we ask 101 specific questions having substantial relevance due to our practical  experience. This to enable you facing  potential risks and possibilities in terms  of wage tax optimization.

💡 The meeting takes place in your company and will have a duration of 3 hours.

💡 Our team consists of a payroll senior and an expert in wage tax and employment law.

💡 Subsequent to the meeting you receive a report following a color coded ranking list including specific goal-oriented recommendations.


Your benefit

✔️ Evaluation of potential risks and  possibilities to optimize the wage related charges.

✔️ Saving of costs and time due to optimization of working processes.

✔️ Your risk of liability resulting from wage tax audits will be substantially reduced.

✔️ We point out optimization possibilities not yet used in your company.

✔️ Employment law risks will be reduced.

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