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How to create a good contract?

ZAB Deloitte Legal team together with training consultative centre "Funditus" have created a legal workshop on how to develop a good contract. Already three events took place in March and April and the next upcoming is planned in September. Do not miss the chance and apply for the next workshop already now!

A contract is a legal instrument routinely drawn up by a lawyer. However, setting out the terms and conditions in a way that respects high quality standards and reflects the intentions of the parties is a difficult and challenging task.

Our workshop is gives you a theoretical and practical insight into the various aspects that go into drawing up a contract. We look at what the essential steps of developing a contract are and how they need to be structured, so that the client would benefit from the appropriate legal protection.  We are present you some guidance and advice, as you plan the structure of the contract, develop the draft or finalize the wording.

The workshop focuses mostly on contracts dealing with civil matters. The underlying framework is also useful and applicable in drawing up public-law contracts; therefore, the workshop is useful for both private and public law practitioners.


The following principle topics discussed:

1) Theoretical aspects of drafting a contract;

2) Practical examples of contracts;

3) The legal consequences of low quality and inappropriately drafted contracts.

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