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Our specialised team provides comprehensive advisory on a wide range of services, including loan and acquisition funding, financial regulation, insurance and payment services.

Deloitte’s Legal Management Consulting (LMC) services were developed by lawyers in collaboration with experts from across Deloitte practice areas such as mainstream management consultancy, risk advisory, and tax management consulting. LMC is a collection of models, frameworks, and systems, designed to help in-house lawyers run their departments more efficiently, and meet their business needs.

It is an attempt to capture countless person-hours of management and consulting experience into a set of services and tools. LMC focuses on operating models, technology, work-sourcing, and cost management.

Read our paper to learn more about this approach: A changing world requires a new approach to law.

Our services include:

Legal Operating Model

An array of events can trigger the need for a legal operating model transformation: a merger, the appointment of a new CEO or general counsel, a cost challenge, or a change in business strategy can force organizations to re-evaluate aspects of their legal functions. Deloitte Legal helps organizations seeking to change their legal operating models, whether with a large-scale, end-to-end transformation or with a targeted assessment of a particular area.

Depending on each client’s needs, we can map out and coordinate a full-scale legal operating model transformations or smaller, targeted changes to specific areas.

Our solutions can:

  • Drive efficiency via process improvements and technology adoption
  • Improve service delivery and reduce bottlenecks
  • Modernize risk-management protocols
  • Reduce legal spend
  • Enable the legal team to focus on critical and strategic initiatives

Legal Process

The internal and external factors animating change for organizations present legal departments with an opportunity. Deloitte Legal helps clients evaluate and, where appropriate, reconfigure their internal legal processes. Our legal process advisors help clients develop systematic, intuitive, and efficient processes. In recent years, organizations have been especially eager to refresh their processes in the following areas:

  • Client contract management
  • Supplier contract management
  • Dawn-raid readiness
  • Compliance protocols
  • Corporate management
  • Litigation management

Legal Process

Legal Risk and Matter Management

For many companies, legal risk is not clearly identified and assessed. This can create bottlenecks, resulting in legal teams preoccupied with extinguishing fires instead of defining a risk framework developing strategies to pre-empt critical legal risks. Working in close collaboration with our clients’ in-house legal professionals, Deloitte Legal delivers a current-state risk-management assessment, a gap analysis, and a roadmap they can follow to close that gap, including potential technology solutions. We help companies with best practices and industry standards to manage their legal risks in significant areas such as:

  • Litigation/disputes
  • Legislation changes
  • Contract management
  • Data privacy

Legal risk and matter management

Legal Sourcing

General Counsels must manage greater challenges on an ever-changing landscape—and must do so with limited resources. Deloitte Legal helps clients build a model that can accomplish more with less, by balancing in-house resources with technology and external services providers.

Our sourcing teams have a deep knowledge of novel legal sourcing strategies such as working with panels of global or regional firms, working with alternative service providers, and leveraging technology. By applying these insights to our clients’ specific goals, Deloitte Legal helps organizations identify an efficient, effective alignment of tasks with appropriate resources, enabling a nimbler, more effective legal function with the ability to refocus on strategic priorities.

Legal Sourcing

Legal Technology

Technology has transformed the way legal services are provided. Proven and emerging digital tools have the capability to help teams provide consistency and transparency across borders, more than ever before. Technology can also help mitigate risk with greater efficiency and reliability, automate routine and repetitive tasks, and help free up the team for strategic priorities, achieving more with less.

Deloitte Legal can help General Counsels and their teams choose and implement the technology that works for them—tuned to their people and their goals.

We help them:

  • Understand what’s out there
  • Understand what’s right for them
  • Design and build a legal technology architecture that can deliver enterprise-wide value

Legal Labs

A decade of accelerating economic, technological, and regulatory disruption has challenged legal leaders to see the invisible intersections connecting their business units and to make decisions that will create ripples throughout their organizations. Our Legal Management Consulting teams lead labs to help clients achieve their full potential. They apply a tested set of principles that combine behavioral science, analytics, technology, and facilitation to break through the roadblocks that impede progress. Roadblocks such as groupthink, project entropy, change fatigue, scope-creep, and just about everything else that can stall growth.

Legal Labs

Looking to be a tech specialist with the world’s largest professional
services network?

Looking to be a tech specialist with the world’s largest professional services network?

You can with Deloitte Tax & Legal.

By combining our many years of experience and extensive expertise in finance, we are able to provide first-class services based not only on in-depth industrial knowledge but also on an understanding of the commercial environment in financial markets. We provide the services both in isolation and as part of broader advisory related to transaction or strategic advisory. We can provide our clients with a comprehensive legal service, including an assessment from the perspective of other regulations governing financial market entities, including personal data protection (GDPR), anti-money laundering (AML) measures and others.

We can assist you with:

  • Banking regulation advisory;
  • Representation in licence- and sanction-related proceedings before the Czech National Bank;
  • Preparation of standard contractual documentation for banks and other financial institutions for both retail and corporate financial products;
  • Structuring of transactions in all finance sectors;
  • Advisory services on acquisition, project, export or retail finance;
  • Legal advisory on the regulation of the insurance industry, pension saving schemes and supplementary pension saving schemes;
  • Preparation of contractual documentation for insurance companies, including the preparation of and adjustments to general insurance terms and supplementary insurance terms;
  • Advisory on the provision of payment services, preparation of documents for the Czech National Bank’s acceptance procedure and the setup of the payment services providers’ management and control system;
  • Preparation of documents for the re-licencing of payment services providers under the new Payment System Act implementing the EU’s PSD2;
  • Preparation of documents for the provision of cross-border services (EU passporting) by banks, insurance companies and payment institutions; and
  • Advisory to entities providing innovative financial services solutions (Fintech) including the application of biometric technologies, electronic identification and use of virtual currencies.

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