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Our team of lawyers, forensic investigators, IT specialists and financial and data analysts provides a consultations on economic crime allegations both for multinational and local clients.

Internal fraud, embezzlement, violation of intellectual property rights, bribery and other forms of “white-collar crime” may cause considerable harm to the company and its owners in both financial and reputation terms and, in certain cases, result in the company going bankrupt. These illegal activities are often motivated by competition and the aim of receiving interesting contracts or public resources to support business. In order for the injured client or owner to take the necessary legal steps, they need to review their suspicions first and obtain the necessary evidence of criminal activities.

The actual review and uncovering of evidence is an onerous task in terms of technology and time as well as expertise as it requires an understanding of the legal, financial, accounting, tax, IT and technology aspects as well as a knowledge of the industry in question. Our team of professionals is at your disposal.

We can assist you with:

  • By integrating legal and forensic services, we may, from the very start of the investigation, efficiently, effectively and flexibly respond to and address unpredictable and conflict situations, while maintaining utmost confidentiality during the entire case.
  • In addition to confirming or refuting allegations and revealing the offender, if any, our services also comprise assistance in further addressing the situation, namely legal assistance in filing a criminal complaint, addressing labour law-related issues in terminating an employment relation, recalling management, making a compensation claim or representing the client before the court.
  • An investigation also uncovers deficiencies in the control and preventative measures, thereby contributing to the improvement of compliance programmes. Forensic services not only allow you to review crime allegations in the company and to prevent them from resuming, but also to forestall other adverse effects from occurring.
  • Other advantages include cooperation with members of Deloitte’s international teams and the possibility of using modern technologies in obtaining and processing data (accounting, financial and legal). All data and information obtained during the investigation are carefully protected, processed and stored directly in a data centre in the Czech Republic.

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Ivita Samlaja

Ivita Samlaja

Senior Manager | Deloitte Legal

Ivita is a Managing Associate in ZAB Deloitte Legal and also certified Data Protection Officer. Ivita has professional experience and knowledge in fields of finance and banking, capital markets, data ... More