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We provide consultations on business compliance with complex and diverse international laws and regulations on how they handle personal information.

As the rapid development of the markets and the meeting of crucial decisions are indispensably linked with personal data processing, by this way affecting every aspect of the commercial sector, our professionals are appraised for their accurate and diligent legal assistance with regard to privacy and data protection issues.


Spanning from processing of personal and sensitive data (i.e. collection, retention, destruction, and transmission), to cross border transfer issues, data subject’s rights, duties and liabilities of data controllers/processors as well general advice to clients with regard to the notification/authorization application procedures, the team is at the forefront of the legal services in this fast developing legislation.  

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Ivita Samlaja

Ivita Samlaja

Senior Manager | Deloitte Legal

Ivita is a Managing Associate in ZAB Deloitte Legal and also a certified Data Protection Officer. Ivita has professional experience and knowledge in the fields of finance and banking, capital markets,... More