Early assessment of losses suffered due to COVID-19

Covid-19 crisis in Latvia

Many businesses have been or may in the future be significantly impacted by the COVID-19 disease pandemic due to disrupted supply chains. This negative impact often results from hindered performance of commercial contracts. Due to the exceptional nature of the pandemic, the effective application of standard rules concerning non-performance or improper performance of contractual obligations may be limited.

Business managers and their legal advisors, both on supply and demand sides, have started to review commercial contracts in order to identify, assess and mitigate the risk of non-performance or take adequate actions when the non-performance occurs. Common areas of such analysis relate to the application of force majeure clauses and business interruption provisions in insurance policies.

Whenever the non-performance occurs or is expected to occur, a question arises – “if the business were to suffer the resulting losses, what would be their magnitude?”.

Drawing upon our vast experience in domestic and international commercial disputes, Deloitte experts help our clients and their legal counsel assess losses arising from the COVID pandemic.

Understanding the power of quick informed decision making, Deloitte offers early reviews and initial assessments of actual or anticipated losses free of charge.

Our value proposition

  1. Instant response – within 24h from initial contact. 
  2. Dedicated expert to analyse your case. 
  3. Fully confindential – non-disclosure committment signed by Deloitte. 
  4. Free one-day assistance in analysing your case. 
  5. Early assessment of a probable financial impact of the commercial contract non-performing due to the COVID pandemic. 
  6. Evaluation of the viability of your potential claim for economic perspective. 
  7. Easy option to continue working with Deloitte as your advisor or expert as the case progresses.
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