Risk Assessment

Our approach to risk assessment

What is an enterprise risk assessment

Conducting an enterprise risk assessment allows you to identify threats, critical risks and impacts that should be considered when pursuing the goals of the organization. By systemically assessing enterprise risks, you will be in a position to:

  • Identify the key risks hindering achievement of strategic objectives
  • Create a foundation for strategic planning and decision making through targeted risk responses
  • Establish and update crisis management plan to enable transition back to normal

Deloitte enterprise risk assessment process:

⚫️ Identify ⚫️ Assess ⚫️ Manage 

Deloitte’s risk assessment methodology uses market-proven processes and procedures developed over the years.

A top down and bottom up approach to identify, assess, manage, monitor and report on your most important risks.

A value-adding risk assessment

  1. Sustainable and ongoing program that is tailored/scaled to your business
  2. An integral input into strategic decision making and planning & resource allocation
  3. Focused on risks with the biggest impact to your strategy, reputation and performance
  4. Establish and update crisis management plan


Business benefits:

💡Strategy planning                      💡Risk Response 

💡Risk Culture and Ownership    💡Operational Resilience


Our approach to risk assessment:

No Risk Management program can get very far without an in-depth understanding of the specific risks that an organization faces. That is why risk identification and assessment are important – as a way for the organization to get a handle on the universe of significant risks it faces, and to determine how important each risk is to the achievement of its overall goals.

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