Calculate gross annual salary


Payroll Tax Calculator for 2018 Planning

Calculate gross annual salary

Tax reform in Latvia that has just been approved by the Parliament and will likely come into effect in 2018 includes also new rules for payroll tax calculations. These are quite complex as for the first time Latvia will be introducing progressive personal income tax at three different rates and current solidarity tax will be transformed into it. Social contributions would also be slightly increased.

Our experts have put together a calculator that would allow you to see if and what changes there will be in your remuneration gross-to-net calculations. Please note that this tool is suitable for assessments of annual amounts and for budgeting. It does not consider the differentiated personal allowances and dependent benefits as those are individual based and have minor tax effects.

In most cases you will see that the total tax burden would not change significantly, but the allocation of taxes is different. This would be especially important for foreign employees looking into possibilities to credit Latvian taxes in their home countries and to multi-state workers with A1 certificates. Please contact us for more details.

Gross annual salary:

Social security contributions (employer part): 0.00 EUR
Social security contributions (employee part): 0.00 EUR
Solidarity tax as part of social security contributions: 0.00 EUR
Solidarity tax as part of personal income tax: 0.00 EUR
Personal income tax: 0.00 EUR
NET annual salary: 0.00 EUR

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