International tax


International tax

Deloitte's International Tax professionals offer services that help multinational companies align their tax strategies to their business, through a wide variety of compliance and advisory services. Professionals in our international tax practices provide a comprehensive range of inbound and outbound tax services.

Compliance and reporting services

For both domestic businesses and multi-national companies, compliance with an increasing number of tax rules, more rigorous and coordinated enforcement by tax authorities, and ongoing staffing constraints continue to be a challenge. As businesses expand operations into new markets the complexity of managing tax risks and complying with reporting requirements multiplies. Deloitte offers efficient, cost-effective tax compliance services, including co-sourcing and outsourcing options. A suite of integrated tax technologies can help companies achieve their goal of high quality, lower-cost compliance. In addition, some technologies have the potential to give businesses enhanced visibility into more global information that may be useful to them in strategic decision making.

International Strategic Tax Review (ISTR)

As companies expand globally, their global tax and treasury strategies need to become more integrated, flexible and sustainable. Deloitte's International Strategic Tax Review (ISTR) helps companies understand the drivers of their effective tax rate (ETR), assess risks, and better align tax management with future business model developments. Deloitte assists with foreign tax credits, income repatriation, ETR forecasting, risk management, post-merger integration and legal entity rationalization. An ISTR provides a framework for discussion, design and implementation of global tax and treasury strategies. Deloitte's fact-driven, analytical – rather than intuitive – approach helps multinational companies to objectively and methodically chart their tax strategy and manage risk going forward.

International mergers and acquisitions

All transactions—whether mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, equity investments, or divestitures—raise complex issues regarding potential tax risks and provide opportunities to implement practical strategies to improve tax efficiency and certainty. When deals involve companies with global operations, the range of issue to consider is compounded. Companies need an adviser with deep experience across a wide range of issues in multiple jurisdictions. Deloitte offers support in all aspects of mergers, acquisition or disposition transactions, including due diligence, structuring, modeling, financing, post-merger integration and reporting.  Deloitte can assist in effectively navigating the myriad of tax, accounting, regulatory, cultural, and labor issues that arise in a transaction and helps companies to fully realize the anticipated post integration benefits.

Business model optimization (BMO)

In light of today's dynamic global economic environment and the potential for legislative changes, assessing a multinational's global business model may no longer be an optional exercise. Deloitte's Business Model Optimization (BMO) teams provides high quality, customized tax and business model transformation services. We  particularly specialize in the areas of global supply chain and intellectual property, seeking to align business objectives with tax minimization. Our goal is to help multinationals integrate their operational and tax planning in a scalable and sustainable way to enable business leaders make more effective decisions on an after-tax basis.

Deloitte delivers business model optimization services using the BMO Insight methodology, a set of experience based approaches to developing solutions to a range of tax issues and opportunities.

International expansion services (IES)

Increasingly, companies looking to grow revenues and increase profitability are expanding sales and operations into new geographies. Starting with a company's strategic objectives, Deloitte helps businesses to quickly navigate new landscapes by advising on a wide variety of start-up activities.  Deloitte’s services include location assessments, market trends analysis, and site selection, all the way through to legal structuring, investment constructs, compliance requirements, talent and staffing strategies, and identification and evaluation of indirect, corporate and employment tax considerations. Deloitte offers businesses a coordinated approach through a single point of contact and brings together professionals with specialized skills at the appropriate points in time. This helps organizations be confident that they have access to appropriate skills at an appropriate time, accelerate timelines and to realize the benefits of their expansion efforts.

Business tax

Deloitte delivers deep knowledge of tax and statutory requirements as well as a breadth of experience applying them in practice worldwide. Practical tax advice combined with our consistent tax compliance framework instils confidence that a consistent approach is followed across jurisdictions. We help simplify tax management and oversight while providing global visibility for making informed strategic decisions ― all with the ease of working with a global provider. Our services include:

Learn more about Deloitte's Business tax services.  

International Core of Excellence (ICE)

Need local insight into foreign tax jurisdictions for your home country tax planning? Finding the right specialists when and where you need them may be a challenge. The best of all worlds would be to have senior tax specialists from key foreign jurisdictions available in your own country—professionals who understand the overall tax context of your company, along with the tax technical issues specific to the foreign country. Now you can. Deloitte has ICE teams located in Hong Kong and New York. These groups of professionals are specialists in Asia-Pacific, European and Latin American countries.

ICE Delivers:

  • Insight: Professionals with deep knowledge of key foreign tax jurisdictions.
  • Context: Your local tax perspective, your objectives, your constraints.
  • Efficiency: Real time, locally-based, accessible.

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