Tax risk management

Tax services

The complexity around taxes frequently translates into risks for both domestic and multi-national companies. Risks can arise as a result of technical inaccuracies and lack of adequate documents, but can also be caused by changes in business processes and moving to new markets. A good tax risk management system considers all of that and is a valuable tool to ensure compliance with applicable legislation, avoidance of tax assessments and also full use of tax opportunities. 

Deloitte offers high quality services for development and implementation of efficient tax risk management systems that help businesses improve control over their key tax processes. The systems we help develop are based on and are integrated in the existing commercial processes and business goals. Our approach is enriched by experience from several other European countries where the practice of tax risk management systems is more widely used in the last decade.

Deloitte’s tax management consulting services aid creation of environment where companies can themselves ensure early identification and decreased damage of potential tax risks and can successfully align the tax functions with the changing business environment.

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