Tax services

Deloitte offers clients a broad range of fully integrated tax services. Our approach combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge to help your company excel globally.

Corporate income tax

We aim to serve our clients at the highest professional level and with an individual approach focused on the client’s needs. Our tax advice can also cover both legal and financial aspects of the client’s circumstances.

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International tax

Deloitte's International Tax professionals offer services that help multinational companies align their tax strategies to their business, through a wide variety of compliance and advisory services. Professionals in our international tax practices provide a comprehensive range of inbound and outbound tax services.

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Transfer pricing

Multinational organizations are operating in an environment of unprecedented complexity. The rising volume and variety of intercompany transactions and transfer pricing regulations, accompanied by increased enforcement activities worldwide have made transfer pricing a leading risk management issue for global businesses. The goal of Deloitte’s transfer pricing network is to help companies manage risks by aligning practical transfer pricing solutions with their overall global business operations and objectives, assist with strategic documentation to support their transfer pricing practices, and resolve disputes efficiently. Deloitte has a well-earned reputation for quality and delivering results.

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Research and development and government incentives

Many countries offer generous grants, credits and incentives in areas such as the digital economy, energy efficiency, environment, globalization, innovation, sustainability and training. More than 30 countries also offer specific research and development (R and D) tax incentives that apply to development activities related to manufacturing process improvements, production trials and software integration issues in addition to laboratory research. Businesses that understand what is available and the requirements for qualification can obtain significant operational and fiscal benefits.

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Value added tax

We advise on various subjects such as opportunities and risks regarding real estate, financial services, telecommunication, energy and utilities, government and health care industries, etc. Our international practice can help the company attain an optimal VAT plan for its international flows of goods and services.

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Tax risk management

Deloitte offers high quality services for development and implementation of efficient tax risk management systems that help businesses improve control over their key tax processes.

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