Digital media trends survey, 13th edition

Piecing it together

Consumers have more digital media options than ever, and most are finding what they want. But many are becoming frustrated by the complexity and effort piecing together their entertainment experience requires.

 AMERICAN CONSUMERS are “piecing together” their own media and entertainment experience from a growing variety of options, according to this year’s Digital media trendsurvey. While last year’s survey showed consumers had started to take control over their own entertainment experience, now they are moving further in this direction, selecting which services among pay TV, streaming video, music, and gaming options they find most valuable. But they often need to cobble together multiple services—from paid to free, ad-supported options—to watch all of their favorite programs. Still, few would trade their newfound freedom for the limited options of the past.

About Digital media trends

The 13th edition of Digital media trends survey, conducted by Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications practice, was fielded by an independent research firm from December 2018 to February 2019. It employed an online methodology among 2,003 US consumers. All data is weighted back to the most recent census to give a representative view of what US consumers are doing. For meaningful changes, we look for differences in year-over-year tracking and generations of at least five percentage points. Read more.

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