Transforming Healthcare with AI 2022

The conference “Transforming Healthcare with AI” organized by Deloitte Baltics in collaboration with Adore Digital Marketing Agency took place on 22 of February 2022 and discussed different operational challenges AI faces in the Baltics.

The storyline of the conference Transforming Healthcare with AI was focused on finding the formula or equitation for a successful adaption of AI in transforming the healthcare domain. The conference has been opened with a presentation of a Moderna business case by Partner at Deloitte, Igor Rodin showing the evangelization of digital first approach in the company that has developed and brought a Covid vaccine to the market at an unpreceded speed. Moderna had access to a colossal amount of financing from investors to build this fully digitalized model and achieve scientific and commercial success with mRNA. Hundred percent digital – this was response from Igor Rodin when answering the question about the success element for the use in the transformation equation.

Throughout the conference, the storyline continued, highlighting additional elements – government initiatives, data quality, digital competence, and others. Putting all things together, a question appeared around the success of human and machine interaction.

Assistant professor of Instead, Ville Satopaa, in his presentation, has outlined a law, known as “Kasparov’s law,” providing a valuable view on the interaction between human and machine for the successful AI adaptation:
“Weak human + machine + better process was superior to a strong computer alone and, more remarkably, superior to a strong human + machine + inferior process.” - Garry Kasparov

Mixing human strengths with the one’s of machine has evidence to achieve more significant results, putting this law as a fundament for building equitation for the successful AI adaptation.

During the panel discussion “3 major cases of AI adaptation” the panelists concluded that the reason for achievements in radiology was indeed the level of digitalization and human competence compared to other areas of healthcare where the impact could be greater but isn’t seized until now due to the digitalization and digital competence level.

The conclusion we were able to draw from the speakers’ presentation and the panel was that equitation is necessary. Still, the sequence and elements are case sensitive and should be chosen, taking into the “Kasparov’s law” augmenting the human with the capabilities of a machine!

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