Analytics Assurance

Leveraging the power of analytics, the result of Audit & Assurance activities can produce insights and conclusions that help decision makers monitor closely, act quickly and make more effective, timely decisions.

Leading in the age of insight requires new strategies that leverage data for informed business decisions. Deloitte's analytics specialists use problem solving logic and tools to help organizations across the Middle East apply insights at the point of action and then connect those insights for greater value.

Amidst the ever-changing economic markets in the region, it’s essential for organisations to leverage information in new ways for optimal business performance, adjusting to an ever-changing regulatory environment, and enhance efficiency throughout. It takes facts—and lots of them—to really understand what’s happening and why, and to make decisions that will steer your organization in the right direction now, and in the future. 

It is an imperative for organisations to leverage information in new ways to maintain or grow profits, enhance performance, and provide information transparency to satisfy regulators, clients, and investors.

Deloitte Analytics Assurance team can help. The team offers in-depth analytics knowledge, skills, and services to help organizations in the region through providing challenge, insight and in-depth market knowledge and experience.

Our Analytics Assurance solutions include:

Our team offers several data analytics and data modelling-based solutions to empower organizations to transition into making insight driven decisions as follows:

  • Process Red Flag Analytics 

Provides a comprehensive assessment of process red flags and open risks delivered through a granular review of transactional data. Key stakeholders can leverage this offering to monitor risks, controls, and process anomalies in close to real time for up to 100% of transactions. Red flags are customizable based on organization size, complexity, industry, and technology environment.

  • Data Visualization and Management Reporting Dashboards 

Management reporting dashboards enable organizations to help visualize their data to describe the underlying story and provide timely and true insights that matter. Curated dashboards for almost every head of department, segment or region can be can facilitate active monitoring and informed decision making. 

  • Data Quality Assessments

Our specialists can help organizations determine “how good their data is” by assessing the key data quality dimensions: Accuracy, Completeness, Reliability, Consistency, Relevance, Accessibility and Timeliness. An advanced suite of tools and analytical techniques profile voluminous data to discover anomalies potentially crippling related processes, decision making and management reporting.  

  • Dashboard Assurance

Modern organizations are increasingly making use of internal dashboards for monitoring and reporting purposes, however, lack processes and controls to ensure that the dashboard reported data is complete and accurate. Critical aspects such as layout, design, visualization selection, data ETL, performance, refresh times and data security can be complex. Our team provide organizations the comfort that the finalized visuals are accurate, complete and truly insightful and performance is optimized. 

  • General Ledger Analytics 

General Ledger analytics uses a combination advanced transactional analytics overlayed with a visualized solution on 100% of the general ledger data to identify potential transactions of a suspicious nature indicative of management override or potential fraud. Developed with the expertise of Financial Auditors across various industries and regions, the analysis applies a robust risk lens over journal transactions to deliver powerful GL insights. 

Algorithms are now used extensively across a number of industries, and the pace of adoption is advancing rapidly. Whilst they bring many benefits it’s essential to manage the risks algorithms can create.

With new and quickly evolving technology, regulations and guidelines are still developing, which can create a challenging accountability, transparency, and compliance landscape for algorithms.

Our team can help organisations with our range of audit and assurance expertise in algorithm technology, risk management and coding skills. Our approach gives careful consideration to relevant regulatory requirements and industry standards and leverages of our proprietary algorithm control framework and validation methodologies, which we have developed while working across different industries and sectors.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been an increasingly prominent avenue for organizations aiming to digitize labor and operations. While swift results and efficiency metrics can be enticing, Deloitte partners with companies to help identify relevant risks, ask the right questions and identify processes and controls that need streamlining, all of which can help pinpoint issues early and ensure a positive and sustained return on investment. For organizations that have already completed an RPA implementation, our team performs a comprehensive technical and functional review of the bots at play and provides assurance on their accuracy and performance. 

As AI technologies are more widely adopted across organizations, there is an increasing need for a range of stakeholder, including developers, management, frontline users and regulators to obtain sufficient comfort that these tools are functioning as expected, in a way that is compliant with standards. The emerging area of AI assurance includes practical capabilities to demonstrate this assurance to such stakeholders. 

AI Assurance includes an independent review of your AI model to:

  • asses if the business requirements are sufficiently incorporated,
  • if recent changes have had an impact on the model, and
  • to compute rich metrics to measure model performance 

  • Cloud Assurance

Deloitte’s Cloud Assurance helps enterprises ensure quality during cloud migration, data center transformation and modernization initiatives, and helps improve their strategy, visibility of test execution, and coverage and compliance. 

  • SAP S/4 Hana Assurance 

Over 50% of SAP customers plan to deploy S/4HANA as SAP plans to phase out support for existing ECC systems by 2027. However, with its advanced capabilities, S/4 Hana is challenging to deploy. Deloitte S/4 Hana assurance provides a comprehensive quality assurance (QA) strategy to ensure that business, regulatory and stakeholder requirements are met during the implementation process. 

We support our clients to provide a:

- Deep expertise in Financial Reporting – we understand the journey of an accounting transaction, we understand the accounting considerations 

- Understanding finance – we understand how finance function works, their needs, and potential impacts on ways of working including opportunities to speed up the financial close

- Expertise in assurance and controls – we know how to manage and transform change in controls, and required governance over the data strategy