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Asem, Audit Partner, Deloitte Jordan

Always raise the bar and challenge yourself by setting new goals.

Being an audit partner with the firm and achieving a proper life balance can be a challenge. However, at a certain point in time you and your family will adapt to the working style and the commitments of the profession.

Asem Haddad

What were your ambitions when you joined the firm?

My ambitions were to become a qualified auditor, to grow professionally with the firm, and definitely to advance to a partner level.

Have you achieved them?

Indeed I have attained the goals I set myself over the past 25 years. However, you have to always raise the bar and challenge yourself by setting new goals.

How do you see your future career in Deloitte?

My current plan is to grow the firm with my partners and to become the market leader and the professional firm of choice in the Middle East.

Through the course of working with Deloitte, how would you appraise the firm’s development?

Deloitte has substantially grown in terms of revenue, headcount, and partners and in many different other aspects. I believe Deloitte Middle East has grown more than 20 times its original size since I joined on January 2nd, 1986. In spite of the challenges that Jordan has been facing over the past years,  the Jordan practice has achieved very important milestones and attained eminence in the local market. Furthermore, Deloitte Jordan has become a one stop shop and can provide complete solutions to its clients including audit, consulting, ERS and tax. Most importantly,  the Deloitte brand in Jordan is well recognized and known for its quality and commitment to client service.

What advice do you have for new joiners?

My advice is to always think long term, be patient, and most importantly believe in what you do. I am confident that by working hard and growing professionally, they will become the future owners of the firm.

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