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Evaluating the India-Middle East-Europe economic corridor 

The announcement of a new economic corridor spanning from India, through the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Jordan, extending across the Mediterranean to Europe, was made during the recent G20 summit. This declaration signifies the respective interests of each participant, with member countries formalising their involvement by signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

In addition to creating a significant new pathway for maritime and rail transportation linking Europe and India, the project will entail the installation of infrastructure for power, telecommunications and clean hydrogen distribution networks. This project is envisioned to offer not only direct financial benefits through import/export and transhipment, but also a broader socioeconomic impact by improving internet and power access in new regions.

This article examines the corridor's merits in comparison to alternative routes, explores the anticipated tangible advantages it could bring to the connected regions, and highlights the critical success factors required to realise this vision.

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Evaluating the India-Middle East-Europe economic corridor 

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