Financial Service Regulatory Advisory


Financial Service Regulatory Advisory

Efficiently and effectively helping you meet regulatory challenges

Financial Services Regulatory Advisory (FSRA) is a dedicated team of regulatory and financial services experts who understand the specific needs of the Middle Eastern market. From helping to meet new international regulations, to advising on the challenges posed by the local market, we are here to guide clients through the evolving regulatory landscape.

How we can help

FSRA is committed to efficiently and effectively addressing regulatory challenges across all levels of an organisation. We work closely with Regulators and Financial Institutions on their current regulatory challenges and upcoming regulatory reforms.  

We help organisations anticipate and adapt to regulatory change at a strategic level, helping to ensure their business strategy and model remain viable. We help ensure operational efficiency through working with clients to achieve a cost-effective balance between compliance and risk. We work alongside clients in the event of enforcement actions, helping ensure effective remediation. 

Deloitte Forensics’ FSRA team provides a wide range of specialized services to our clients, including design, advisory, remediation, and investigative services. We work across key regulatory areas: 

New laws and regulatory frameworks: We provide support in every aspect of rolling out new regulatory initiatives, from drafting policies, to developing regulatory frameworks, and helping the market prepare to meet such regulatory developments.  

Financial crime compliance: Our comprehensive offering includes both Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Sanctions (including Economic and Trade Sanctions) compliance. We can provide support for: KTC/CDD reviews, compliance control programs, remediation exercises, suspicious activity monitoring, training or regulatory response support, remediation and look-back exercises, data integrity and cleansing, and system mapping and scenario testing.  

Prudential risk: We work across a range of prudential risk areas, including capital management, liquidity management, contingency planning, recovery and resolution planning, governance, and risk models. 

Conduct risk: As conduct risk grows in importance, we can provide support, including board training, reviews and mapping, framework development, and remediation programs. 

Our key service offerings include: