Forensic Technology


Forensic Technology

Technological challenges

Deloitte Forensic technology professionals can help you peel away the technical layers, carve through the large volumes of information and reveal the electronic evidence or insights hidden within your data.

How we can help

Most of today’s companies would not be in business without the technology that allows them to instantly create, send, search, retrieve, and store data. However, this benefit can also be a burden, particularly when there is a need to manage and review that data in the course of litigation, investigation or regulatory response.

An entire business dispute, commercial or regulatory investigation or multimillion pound litigation may hinge on identifying when a single piece of data was communicated, generated, altered or deleted, by and to whom, and under what circumstances.

The process of collecting, reviewing, and producing electronic and/or hard copy documents to uncover the facts relating to illegal acts, bad business practices, or fraud, can be time consuming, costly; and high risk.

We understand that each case is unique and not suited to a simple “one size fits all” solution. Our Forensic Technology team work with clients to develop and tailor the appropriate resources, approaches and technologies for each situation. We support clients with:

Data Preservation

Preserving and analysing electronic data from all formats of digital media (e.g. laptops, phones, voice recording, server data, cloud data, backup tapes, CD/DVD peripheral media) to identify and uncover the evidence and ensure its acceptance in a Court of Law.

Deloitte Discovery

Providing a platform for investigators and litigators to discover and disclose the relevant emails and documents from the huge volume of available data.

Cyber investigations

Quickly responding to incidents of malicious activity to identify and mitigate the threats while investigating any potential loss or theft.

Investigation analytics

Providing data analytic support reviews, investigations and litigation involving high volume transactions or records or complex financial models.

Fraud Corruption Analytics

Using advanced data analytics to exploit a company’s own accounting to identify fraud, corruption, and regulatory red flags.

Financial Services Industry (FSI) Analytics

FSI analytics that meets regulatory and compliance needs (including supporting FSRA and undertaking recalculation exercises).