Treasury and working capital management


Treasury and Working Capital Management

We provide solutions to realise value through proactive management of cash and working capital. We support businesses in the review and implementation of robust cash flow forecasting, financial risk management, treasury governance, controls and procedures.

Treasury and working capital challenges
  • Do you understand your short-term cash requirements and have a sufficient amount of cash available at the right time?
  • Are surplus cash deposits managed in an optimal manner in line with a define risk appetite?
  • Has foreign exchange market volatility had an impact on the profitability of your organisation?
  • Have rising interest rates increased the cost of your debt?
  • Is your treasury environment managed effectively through control based policies and procedures?
  • Do you lack the bandwidth or in-house skills to drive and implement your treasury initiatives and cash management culture?
  • Is your organisation ready for the changes with regards to the hedge accounting standards (IFRS 9)?

How can we help?

Deloitte brings unique skills and experience in supporting a wide range of treasury functions. We can assist your organisation by offering a variety of services:

  • Helping clients instill a cash mindset across their organisations and manage the tradeoffs inherent in covering cash, revenue and profitability in a collaborative and co-ordinated manner
  • Implementing cash flow forecasting processes including short term liquidity management as well as longer term capital planning
  • Work with senior management in achieving sustainable receivables, payables and inventory reductions across all industry sectors
  • Identify and quantify financial risks and determine how to manage these going forward
  • Review, design and implement treasury and working capital strategies, policies and procedures
  • Understand and apply hedge accounting requirements

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David Stark

David Stark

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David joined Deloitte in 1993, and in 2011 transferred from the UK to Dubai to lead Deloitte’s Restructuring Services practice in the Middle East. Specializing in the review of business and financing ... More