Portfolio Lead Advisory Services


Portfolio Lead Advisory Services

Advising holders, sellers and buyers of non-core assets and under-performing loan portfolios in deleveraging, portfolio acquisitions and management and investment strategies.

Challenges of underperforming loans

Banks have the task of cleaning up their balance sheet and are facing increased pressure to demonstrate how they comply with ever stricter regulatory and central bank requirements. This is driving banks to redefine their core businesses and search for capital to improve liquidity.

How can we help?

Our support spans from the early stages of the decision-making and strategy development right through to the execution of the chosen strategy. This encompasses NPL assessment, assistance in the execution and implementation of remedial plans and enhancement options as follows:

  • Providing a bespoke financial diagnostic assessment which includes a comprehensive review of credit processes, a detailed review of credit portfolios and fair value exposures in order to identify key risk areas and opportunities for improvements
  • Identification of key risk areas, inputs into stress testing and capital requirements, and development of remediation plan to support a healthier and more profitable asset portfolio
  • Identifying ways to maximise value from non-core assets through deleveraging and/or rigorous planning and asset management
  • Full-service advisory to vendors of loan portfolios starting from strategy and portfolio preparation to sales execution, we aim to provide vendors with a rapid source of capital raising and de-risking of existing capital structures
  • Assist buyers in portfolio acquisitions with analysis, understanding and pricing of loan portfolios
  • Support owners of loan and asset portfolios in maximising value from their assets whether on an advisory basis or through full service outsourcing

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David Stark

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