Islamic Fund Advisory


Islamic Fund Advisory

Islamic investment funds seek to earn returns from investment activity whilst operating under Sharia’a principles.

The key impact of observing Sharia’a principles is in the following areas:

  • Agreements governing the fund constitution;
  • The types of asset invested in; and
  • The capital structure of the fund.

Islamic funds have been created for recognized asset classes such as infrastructure, real estate, public and private equity.

The Islamic Funds Advisory service brings together Tax, Sharia’a and Corporate Finance expertise, providing support from inception through to fund investment. Our team creates tax efficient fund structures reflecting Sharia’a requirements, together with designing appropriate governance frameworks to achieve ongoing Sharia’a compliance.

For established funds, we advise on Sharia’a compliant asset selection and capital structuring of transactions.

Sharia'a Compliant Framework

A multi-disciplinary team ensures all services are delivered with due regard for Sharia'a requirements.