Education Analytics

Harnessing the power of data to help improve educational and employability outcomes

Across the Middle East, educational organizations are increasingly being asked to demonstrate their wider impact and contribution to goals around employability, social mobility and inclusion.

Historically the education sector is inherently data rich, with universities in particular holding a large amount of data covering much more than just students. Analytical tools techniques such as data mining, predictive modelling, sentiment analysis and impact assessments can be used to derive insight from data.

At Deloitte we believe that data driven insights can help education organizations pro-actively respond to disruption and shape opportunities. The transformation of universities into Insight Drive Organizations that use data intelligently can make a significant contribution to achieving strategic goals and objectives, including:

  • Attract and retain students
  • Widen participation
  • Improve learner outcomes
  • Improve staff effectiveness
  • Have revenue streams to fund capital investments
  • Maintain and improve reputation

To explore education analytics further how Deloitte leveraging data analytics helps both students and universities solve some of the most perennial problems and reach their goals – check our “Eric’s Journey with Education Analytics” infographic and animated video. 

Education analytic

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