Digital Transformation in Corporate Treasury – Opportunities, Challenges and Benefit

Organizations can ACE their efforts for treasury digital transformation

To catch up with the rapidly growing demands of the way corporate world, organizations need to ‘ACE’ the competition.

Deloitte outlines the approach for treasury transformation as:


Following this approach, Corporate Treasuries will be empowered to ACE their transformation efforts and sustained growth.

The purpose of this document is to present Deloitte’s point of view on digital transformation trends and practices in Corporate Treasury. We aim to create awareness of digital transformation for corporate treasuries, identify challenges, and discuss ways of tackling these challenges to have a successful digital transformation.

"Everyone nowadays can observe how technology is making their lives better and easier.  This is the mindset that needs to be carried over to our professional places of work.  If through technology we can attain ease in our daily life, why can't professionals embrace modern technology to reduce their manual labor and bring ease to their work?"

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