Sustainability Services

Full scope of Sustainability related services from development to assurance

Sustainability is changing today's business environment, organizations are realizing the utmost importance of finding the right balance between financial, social, and environmental priorities. 

This changing environment requires key adaptations such as: reshaping your business model to embed sustainability; identifying risks and opportunities with regards to sustainability; building engagement with your stakeholders to incorporate and meet their expectations; as well as integrating approaches and solutions to manage, assess, measure, and report your commitment, performance, and impact with regards to the aforementioned priorities.

At Deloitte, we are committed to driving change and creating an impact that matters. Our Sustainability Practice is the partner of choice to support you in your sustainability journey.

We are well equipped to provide you with innovative approaches and solutions that will empower you to contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for all. We have a dedicated cross-functional Sustainability team in the Middle East region that is actively engaged with our European and Global networks and works with governments and clients across industries in re-aligning their strategy and governance to set sustainability as core to their operations and services.

Sustainability purpose & strategy


Support in building the organization’s understanding around sustainability and defining its corporate purpose, mission, and vision, while aligning them to its stakeholders’ expectations/requirements (such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).  

Strategy development

Technical advice to construct the organization’s strategic objectives and identify its material issues and align them to sustainability frameworks and best practices.

Support to materialize the objectives into policies, action plans, initiatives, and actions, with particular focus on the following Sustainability areas:

  • • Energy & Carbon efficiency – Providing technical support to identify and assess climate risks and opportunities (including support in areas such as assessment of energy cost savings and carbon reduction opportunities);
  • • Social Impact – Helping your organization to identify opportunities to enhance its social value creation and align your business with social objectives, while defining investment strategies and materializing resources to realize those objectives. 

Sustainability governance

Board Competence

Support in the design and establishment of sustainability governance structures, as well as competence and performance evaluation tools (including KPIs and data dashboards).  

Executive remuneration

Working with you to define the “business case” to integrate sustainability into the executive remuneration scheme and the design of incentive structures and targets.

Internal Audit Support

Deliver strategic support to the Internal Audit function to gauge the effectiveness of internal controls and measures to manage sustainability risks and opportunities. 

Sustainability Risk Management

Integration of sustainability in the risk management function

Support in the identification and prioritization of sustainability risks and opportunities, assessment of their impact on the organization and its stakeholders, as well as evaluation of potential synergies between sustainable R&O and the ERM function.  

Risk Management Topics

Climate risk and resilience

  • Technical advice on climate change and wargame climate scenario analysis and interpretation.
  • Support in the identification of climate risks and opportunities for decarbonizing portfolios.

Health, Safety, and Environment

  • Technical advice on HSE risks identification and controls review.
  • HSE due diligence and audit processes, analytics and automation, as well as “Intelligent risk management”.

& Inclusion

  • Advice on diversity and inclusion performance assessment and risk evaluation, as well as on Gender pay reporting.   

Modern Slavery and Worker Welfare

  • Benchmark and gap analysis against legislative requirements and best practices.
  • Support in oversight audit function and program development.
  • Disclosure review services (including legal review).

Crisis management:

Technical advice on Crisis readiness, wargaming, and emergency response support. 

Sustainable Supply Chain

Risk management

  • Technical advice on risk evaluation, assessment and prioritization, and development of risk management procedures and controls.
  • Supplier audit, Conflict Minerals advisory, and assurance services.
  • Technical support to design Blockchain-enabled solutions for supply chain risk management.


In-Country Value (ICV) and Localization Practices

  • Support in ICV Certification and audit services on ICV programs and certifiers. 

Green Finance

ESG investment review and assurance

  • Support you in reviewing your investment procedures (including strategy, screening, impact monitoring) and reporting practices.
  • Third-party assurance services against industry and/or reporting standards (including ESG performance and disclosure standards).
  • ESG Due Diligence Services

Green Bonds, Loans and Social Funds

  • Third-party assurance services on issuance documents and Statements of Proceeds. 

Sustainability Measurement, Reporting, and Assurance

KPI development, data collection, and digitalization

  • Support in developing, selecting, and prioritizing KPIs, and designing data measurement, collection, review, and validation procedures.
  • Design of automated data collection, processing, and reporting tools, and helping you design and enhance data controls.

Impact measurement and valuation

  • Assistance in the development of impact KPIs and the design of impact measurement frameworks.

Reporting services

  • Advice on mandatory reporting compliance (as per legislative or listing requirements) and gap analysis of reporting against voluntary reporting schemes (such as TCFD or GRI).
  • Support in identifying your material issues in terms of sustainability (including stakeholder materiality reviews); and support in your structuring and developing sustainability reports and/or disclosures around them.
  • Assistance to improve your performance against Sustainability Rating agencies and/or indexes (such as CDP, DJSI, FTSE4Good, or SRI Analysis).
  • Benchmark analysis services of your reporting practices against peers and industry’s best practices.

Non-financial assurance

  • Third-party assurance services under ISAE 3000 framework (for sustainability KPIs, impact KPIs, disclosures, and stand-alone reports)
  • Third-party assurance services against industry and sustainability reporting standards (such as claims of compliance under the Global Reporting Initiative ‘GRI’)

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