Qatar - Reconcile your account balance with the General Tax Authority

September 4, 2023

The importance of tax account balance reconciliation with the General Tax Authority (GTA) has never been more evident. Recent shifts in the tax landscape have brought forward challenges for taxpayers.

The GTA has intensified its efforts to collect unpaid taxes and rectify discrepancies in taxpayer account balances. Many taxpayers have reported being approached by the GTA's tax collection team through various communication channels such as emails, phone calls, SMS, and push notifications via the Dhareeba portal. Unfortunately, due to an array of reasons, there has been a noticeable lapse in the reconciliation process.

Why is this crucial?

A properly reconciled tax account ensures:

  • Accurate reflection of all tax payments and credits
  • Avoidance of penalties or legal implications due to unpaid taxes
  • Clear communication and smoother interaction with the GTA
  • Confidence in your financial standing and compliance
How can we help?

At Deloitte Qatar, we recognize this pressing need and the challenges taxpayers face in ensuring their tax records are accurate and reconciled. We leverage our extensive background and resources to provide expert support in tax account reconciliation with the GTA.

With our hands-on experience in helping numerous taxpayers reconcile their account balances, and proficiency with the Dhareeba portal, we aim to streamline the reconciliation process for you. Our goal is to promptly address your needs and minimize unnecessary waiting times.

Our deep knowledge of the evolving regulations and procedures shaping Qatar’s tax landscape positions us at the forefront of offering insightful guidance at every step. With our practical expertise, we are well-positioned to deliver effective solutions tailored to the unique circumstances of each client. 

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