Qatar business outlook and tax developments over the past 12 months

Deloitte virtual Qatar tax conference summary

For the past years, Deloitte has organized its annual tax conference in Doha, Qatar to update clients on local tax updates. In light of the global circumstances, our 2021 tax conference was held virtually on Wednesday, 10 February 2021.

Given the local tax rise, we developed a diverse agenda to cater to the needs of the various businesses operating in Qatar.  The topics that were covered during the session are listed below:

  • Qatar’s 2021 economic outlook
  • A recap of the key features of the Executive Regulations accompanying Qatar’s tax law and its application in practice
  • An overview of “Dhareeba “ – the General Tax Authority (GTA) new digital platform featuring Contract Declaration and other features
  • The introduction of Transfer Pricing requirements in Qatar
  • International tax developments and its relevance for Qatar
Qatar Tax Conference 2021
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