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April 2016

Featured articles:

Asia Pacific

  • China: Seven bulletins have been issued on the implementation of the VAT Reform following the release of Circular 36.
  • China: A new mechanism for import taxes has been introduced to encourage cross border e-commerce.
  • China: China Customs has opened the Electronic Data Interface for the QuickPass system.
  • India: The Union Budget for 2016 has been delivered.
  • India: There has been an increase in the VAT rates in the States of Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh.
  • India: Entry tax will be levied in Gujarat on inter-State e-commerce transactions.
  • India: Amendments were introduced to the Point of Taxation Rules, 2011 to determine the point of taxation for a person liable to pay service tax under the reverse charge where there is change in the liability or extent of liability.
  • India: Bundled support services provided to an overseas client were not considered to be an intermediary service, and therefore not subject to service tax.
  • India: It has been held that service tax did not apply to the non-exclusive transfer of the right to use goods.
  • India: With the intention of facilitating trade, the Central Board of Excise and Customs has developed the 'Integrated Declaration' under which all information required for import clearance by the concerned government agencies has been incorporated into the electronic format of the Bill of Entry.
  • New Zealand: Non-resident suppliers of cross-border intangibles and services will need to charge GST from 1 October 2016.


  • European Union: The European Commission has published its Action Plan on VAT.
  • Belgium: There have been changes to the application of the VAT distance sales rules.
  • Belgium: Incorporated directors will be obliged to charge VAT on their fees as from 1 June 2016.
  • Belgium: A draft law has been introduced to change the VAT rules for cost sharing associations from 1 July 2016.
  • Denmark: The VAT authorities have published a draft binding instruction regarding the distance selling rules.
  • Denmark: The National Tax Board has confirmed that the supply and purchase of bitcoins in return for regular currency is exempt from Danish VAT.
  • Denmark: The VAT authorities have published a ruling regarding VAT exemption for repair services provided to vessels.
  • Finland: The Supreme Administrative Court has published four rulings regarding the VAT treatment of parking services.
  • Finland: The Tax Administration has published updated guidance on the right to deduct VAT.
  • France: There has been a case regarding the VAT treatment of the recharge of an insurance policy taken out by a group parent company.
  • France: There has been a case regarding a request for refund of French VAT reported in US dollars on invoices.
  • Italy: The Director of the Italian Tax Authorities has issued two Acts regarding the completion and e-submission of the new forms for ‘Black Lists’ and ‘Spesometro’.
  • Italy: The Ministry of Economy and Finance has published the data related to VAT revenues accrued in the first two months of 2016.
  • Italy: The Customs and Monopoly Agency have provided Notes on pre-clearing and certain excise duties, and updated e-customs declarations taking into account the application of the Union Customs Code on 1 May.
  • Netherlands: The Supreme Court has ruled on the VAT recovery of pension fund costs in the PPG case.
  • Poland: The CJEU has ruled that outsourced insurance claims handling is not VAT exempt.
  • Poland: A general binding ruling has been issued on the taxpoint for construction services.
  • Portugal: Following the approval of the State Budget Law for 2016, the Portuguese tax authorities have published a Circular Letter which includes guidance/ clarifications with regards to the VAT and excise duty changes.
  • Russia: A Draft Law stipulates exemption from VAT of operations on the supply of secondary aluminum and its alloys.
  • Russia: A Draft Law stipulates the conditions of exemption from VAT on the import of the raw materials and components for the production of medical goods.
  • Russia: There has been a decision of the Russian Supreme Court on the inclusion of royalties in the customs value of imported goods.
  • Russia: Changes have been introduced to the procedure for levying excise duty.
  • Russia: There have been changes to the completion of the free customs zone customs procedure on the territory of the Special Economic Zone in the Kaliningrad region.
  • Russia: The Ministry of Economic Development is working on a Draft Law on technological plain.
  • Russia: The Plan of Action for the Russian Government aimed at ensuring the stable social and economic development of Russia in 2016 has been approved.
  • Russia: A revised Moscow Investment Strategy 2025 has been published.
  • Spain: There has been a case regarding the deductibility of input VAT incurred by a company engaged in the promotion and advertising of the City of Madrid.
  • United Kingdom: The tax authorities have published the new scale rates to be applied to determine the VAT to be accounted for by businesses that provide fuel for private use by staff.

Eurasian Economic Union

  • Eurasian Economic Union: Anti-dumping duty has been introduced on certain hot-rolled iron rods from Ukraine.
  • Eurasian Economic Union: There has been a decrease in the rates of import customs duties on certain goods.
April 2016

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