Across all cycles Central Europe Private Equity confidence survey

October 2014

Key findings

The latest survey reveals that Private Equity Investor confidence in CE remains relatively high, with a stability of expectations. A gentle dip in confidence has placed the index back to where it was a year ago which is likely a reflection of world events and their impact on the economies.

There has been a doubling (to 16%) of the proportion of respondents expecting conditions to worsen. Just 11% expect the economy to improve – down sharply from 61% last survey. The percentage of respondents expecting market activity to increase has halved since last survey, to a third. This may be down to a slowdown in the number of fund announcements and so may pick up again once GPs currently on the fundraising trail successfully close their vehicles. Only 3% of deal-doers fear a decrease in activity, while nearly two thirds expect no change.

A number of successful fund closes in the last year means those GPs are now focused more on putting fresh funds to work; as such, the proportion of respondents planning to focus on fundraising for this year has fallen gently from 19% to 16%.

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